Complementary / Alternative Medicine vs. Traditional Western Approach Term Paper

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There are a wide range of mild problems that can be easily treated without the invasive or harsh approaches that are advocated by allopathic physicians.

3. Why is it important to know about these practices?

It is important to know about complementary and alternative medicine because they are effective means of promoting personal and public health. More scientific research may yield reasons why certain alternative treatments are favorable to those promoted vehemently by pharmaceutical companies. Consumers are spending a lot of money on alternative and complementary medicines because those interventions enable people to take back control of their personal health. Doctors would do well to read the market forces and understand that they will gain more clients by promoting alternative medicine than clinging to the past.

4. How would you approach patients/clients who rely on complementary/alternative medicine? Comment specifically on how you would handle the differences in cultural values, beliefs, and practices.

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I would most certainly promote the use of complementary and alternative medicine within the framework of an allopathic practice. This is because I know that allopathic medicine is as limited as any shelf of herbs in Whole Foods. Alternative and complementary medicine focuses on prevention and long-term solutions that can have meaningful psychological and physical benefits. Allopathic remedies, on the other hand, focus on short-term solutions and remedial methods. At times, the two methods can work brilliantly in tandem with one another.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Complementary / Alternative Medicine vs. Traditional Western Approach Assignment

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