Complementary and Alternative Therapies Research Proposal

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Complementary and Alternative Therapies

The Spirit-Body Connection

Universally Recognized Phenomenon

Even in this secular society, the link between mind and body has been well established through scientific studies, religious teachings, and personal testimony. By comparing a personal example of the spirit's ability the affect the physical state as well as other situations regarding the spirit's influence on illness, the link between body and spirit will be better established.

In my own life, the link between the spirit and the body can be best identified through the constant illness and diagnosis of one woman. Since childhood, this woman suffered from a series of maladies and illnesses, the causes of which were unknown. For example, she suffered an illness lasting over a month that resembled Mono, but tested negatively for that disease. Throughout her life, other afflictions included allergies, neurological disorders, skin cancer and other skin diseases, and psychological illnesses, including depression and anger management issues. Although she had numerous tests run by the best doctors, including multiple CAT scans and MRIs, a definitive cause for her misery could never be identified. Even after a trip to the Mayo clinic, she was only told how to best treat her symptoms.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Proposal on Complementary and Alternative Therapies Assignment

Soon, it became clear that her illnesses were the body's reflection of a poorly maintained spirit. Although she was intelligent, well-spoken, and possessed a variety of characteristics that would have allowed her to lead a productive and satisfying life, she was unsatisfied with each predicament in which she found herself, frustrated with her family, and unable to take solace from her poorly developed relationships. Despite her religious affiliation, which ha always been strong, she lived on the perimeter of her chosen religion, refusing to become more involved or allow herself to experience a spiritual transformation. Because of her uneasy spirit, therefore, she suffered the physical maladies. In fact, the best argument for her diagnoses is that her poorly maintained spirit lead to her frustrated mind, which lead to a poor diet, sleeping patterns, and other poorly maintained aspects of physical health, which,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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