Completing Grant Applications for Technology in Schools Research Paper

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Grant Worksheets for Organizational Background, Budget, And Future Funding

WORKSHEET 7.1A: Future Funding Questionnaire

Risks and Opportunities

Sources of Future Financial Resources

Internal Requirements

Do we intend to continue this project?

What sources can we use?

What internal plans relate to future funding?

For how long?

The project will be evaluated and changes made accordingly. As long as funding is available and the evaluation indicates the goals are being met, the project will be ongoing.

District technology funding

District assessment funding

Title I funds

Title II A professional development funds (Enhancing Educational Techology in Teaching Grant)

In-king contributions for professional development by state & regional educational service district staff

The project activities will be integrated with larger district-wide goals & projects, including the state-wide assessment plan, the leasing plan for technology, & work on Common Core State Standards

Partner with universities and consortiums to obtain professional development support & evidence-based technical support

Effort directed at other funding opportunities

Compilation, analysis, & distribution of program data to school board, families, teachers, & the community

What resources (direct and indirect) are needed?

Hardware & software as described

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Wireless connectivity in classrooms

Specialist support for integration into extant & developing district-wide programs

Ongoing professional development

Funding partners

Committed school board members

Trained & committed teachers in the areas of technology integration, differentiated instruction, & action research

Paid & dedicated time for planning, implementation, & evaluation of project

Administrative support & technical assistance

Research Paper on Completing Grant Applications for Technology in Schools Assignment

Capella Proprietary and Confidential


WORKSHEET 8.1A: Revenue and Expense Budget









Title I



Title II A






Alexandria City Schools






Total revenue



Salaries (prorated if less than full time)

Assessment Coordinator



Curriculum Coordinator



Administrative assistant



Payroll taxes and benefits

(35% of salaries)



Total personnel



iPads for students



Laptop for classroom



Facility space - meetings



Facility space - operations



Technical Assistance









Wireless connectivity



Membership dues



Conference travel



PD teacher workshops



Total nonpersonnel







Total expenses


WORKSHEET 9.1A:Organization Background Exercise™

Alexandria City Schools



Teachers: 1,415

Advanced degrees: 77%

Teacher starting salary (BA): $46,773

Teacher starting salary (MA): $53,651

Teacher average salary: $72,705

National Board Certified: 49

Other licensed staff: 220

Support staff: 717


Alexandria, VA

Legal status

501 (c )(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt public school

Date of founding

1965 (T. C. Williams High School)

The Alexandria City School Board has appointed a Stakeholder Committee to draft a new 5-year Strategic Plan for the Alexandria City Public Schools.


Alexandria City Public Schools will provide the environment, resources, and commitment to ensure that each and every student succeeds -- academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Target population

Eligible for free or reduced price meals: 57.54%

Receiving talented and gifted services: 9.87%

Students requiring English Language Learners (ELL) services: 28.38%

Students receiving special education services: 10.84%


FACE stands for Family And Community Engagement. The goal of the FACE Center is to provide opportunities and resources for students, families and community members to participate in activities relevant to the academic achievement of ACPS students. Research indicates that engagement in schools not only helps improve student academic outcomes but is also linked to improved behavior, attendance, graduation and college enrollment rates.

The FACE Center offers the opportunity to integrate relevant afterschool activities for students with workshops and resources for parents and community members aimed at improving ACPS students' academic achievement. FACE also offers a one-stop shop for families and the community to obtain information and support on educational and other issues.

Summer Learning Opportunities


This program is for all incoming KINDERGARTEN students.


High school summer school program in the Alexandria City Public Schools offers multiple learning opportunities for students to remediate their deficiencies and improve and expand their academic skills. Instruction in all program components at each grade and subject level reflects the related curriculum of the Alexandria City Public Schools and the Virginia Standards of Learning… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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