Components of Emotional Experience Essay

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Components of Emotional Experience

Emotions can be defined as a class of psychological experiences that are complex. Emotional experiences are thereby complex experiences that are observed by the mind of a person while it interacts with complex physical and biochemical environment. This paper will highlight 8 main components of emotional experiences.

Somatic experience

Under traumatic situations, the autonomic nervous system has the capacity to self-regulate. Thereby there are certain perceptions of individuals based on surroundings and the environments. These perceptions have the greatest influence on the emotions of an individual. Somatic experiencing is an important therapy that is also used to treat people with post-traumatic stress disorder based on an individual's perception of situations (Kensinger, 2009, p. 67).

Affective Phenomenology

It is the way in which an individual is directed towards a certain aspect of reality and situations that surround an individual. These are the perceptions that also cause great influences on the emotions. This is the factor that causes great affect emotional influences. The reality can be positive or negative. How reality is perceived is important and this can affect the emotions.

Environmental determinants

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A number of environmental determinants that are known to exert their influences on the emotions of an individual. These include environmental stress and factors present in the environment that can cause stress. The presence of stress causes stress in the individuals thereby causing increased stress. On the other hand, the presence of lesser stress and more positivity, based on which positive emotions are influenced.

Appraisals of significance

TOPIC: Essay on Components of Emotional Experience Assignment

One of the most important factor which is counted as an emotional influence includes Appraisals of significance. These include rewards, appreciations and awards that let a person know his or her importance and significance. Significance, rewards, and appraisals can greatly help in influencing positive emotions. How an individual influences the others in a more positive manner is an important factor that counts in the emotional influence.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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