Comprehensive Communication Plan Research Proposal

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This communications plan has multiple target audiences. The first audience will be the team members and contributors. This group of twenty will be instrumental to the implementation of the training strategy. The second audience will be management of the departments under the VP Operations. Their boss is sponsoring the project, so the project is expected to meet with less resistance from them than other groups. The third audience is the management of those other groups (Sales, Manufacturing, Product Development, et al.) Because they are less directly motivated to implement the project, they have a different psychographic profile than the second audience.

The first audience will receive information outlining their roles and responsibilities regarding the project. The second and third audiences will receive background information about the project, how it applies to their division and what expectations the company has of them. The third audience will receive additional information regarding the importance of the project to the company's long-term goals, to help reduce potential resistance. In this way, the new technology will be made essential to this audience.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Proposal on Comprehensive Communication Plan Assignment

The frequency of communication with the first audience will be high. There should be constant flow of information between myself and the other members of the implementation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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