Comprehensive Consultancy Business Plan Research Paper

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Business Consulting

Demographics: where in san Antonio is the best place to lease the office and why

San Antonio figures in the Fortune 500 list of 2014. It is home to five top businesses in the list, out of the 50 in Texas that find a mention in this prestigious ensemble. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and at the same time, it is very stable. The unemployment rates are among the lowest. In spite of the advantages it offers, the cost of living is not very high, either. Its inherent economic strength is amply exhibited by the fact that its growth was untouched by the Great Depression that shook the entire nation in recent times.

The city is well planned and the General Commercial District provides for all the amenities and infrastructure a thriving, global business could ask for. Commercial services (needed by business organizations), power, broadband internet connectivity (Wi-Fi), shopping centers are all conducive to an enterprise that seeks an enviable address and resources in a single complex. The businesses housed in the complex are of a large diversity. The accessibility to variety of ventures thus makes it a more lucrative choice.

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Abby Executive Suites-Castle Hills is a prestigious address in this favored city. It is a well-connected location by road as well as by air. It is nested by highways- Loop 410, 1H 10, and Hwy 281. The San Antonio International Airport is only a minutes away. The building itself is in the proximity of decent lodging and boarding facilities, the North Star Mall, Riverwalk in the downtown, hotels and restaurants.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Comprehensive Consultancy Business Plan Assignment

Abby Executives Suites- Castle Hills houses all the ancillary and auxiliary services routinely needed by any global enterprise. The offices it offers are of the categories, the fully furnished, ready for use ones as well as the ad hoc business centers that offer a virtual environment. It houses the support environments for its patrons in a conference room, meeting rooms, telephone receptionist and a free Starbucks Coffee service (Office Space and Meeting Rooms near Castle Hills San Antonio | Abby Executive Suites para 1).

The infrastructure has been planned well to offer free parking lots, in-house maintenance and support services and is equipped with manual and surveillance security services.

Section 2: Costumers

In line with CBRE Global Research and Consulting (2), a unnmber of businesses which have grown are likely to require consulting services. These nidutry segments include:


Distributors, Wholesalers,


Finance and Allied services,


IT sector (Information Technology)


Luxury, Resorts and Hospitality sector


Infrastructure, Roads and Construction


Retail trade and


Power (conventional and non-conventional energy sector)

Both, the start-ups as well as established businesses can make use of the business consultants and experts to prune their businesses and improve their throughputs. The consulting firms provide vital insights and an expert suite of suggestions to help the owners gain an overview of the market, the industry, finance, and relevance to their own businesses. The evaluation and analyses of inherent strengths and weaknesses of a firm is a vital component in making the best use of resources to achieve maximum potential. In furtherance of the importance of consultation, we need to understand the finer points that are relevant to a business. The quality of information provided by the consultants can be knowledge of utmost, imperative importance that a business needs.

We are living in a dynamic world. The rate of change itself is furious. It is not only important, but also imperative to be flexible to adapt to the changes that can take place frighteningly quickly. The main denominators that are causative to this change are the innovations in IT sector, growing environmental considerations, and hence stricter regulations to abide by and a paradigm economic shift in the global marketplace. Consultants can make businesses aware of the present situation and enable them to best leverage their positions to charter a course into the future. The consultants possess the knowledge and wherewithal to suggest the right tools, equipments, and managerial skills needed not only to sustain the changes but also to thrive in it.

The cornerstone of a successful business is the power of proper insight, information that can be useful to answer questions like when, where and why. The suggestions obtained have to be honest in-depth insights of the factors governing the industry to take perspective, pragmatic decisions. It demands an expert analyses of the current position of the enterprise, it goals and its endowments. The strategic course that the business then charters ensures a steady rise built on solid foundations (Management Consulting: Its Role and Importance to Business para 1-4). A consultant is an expert on at least a couple of the issues of relevance and has the requisite knowledge, foresight and resources to obtain meaningful information from those that are experts in other fields. (Swart Xii).

Strategic plans will have to put in place to seek clients in San Antonio. The right approach will have to be working hand-in-hand with the businesses to help them evaluate their methodologies, realize the ground realities, consolidate strengths, and highlight responsible actions towards stakeholders. The owners have to be aware of the fact that the set of challenges they face are by no means small, yet they are all surmountable, and have solutions that are common to even those in diverse industries. Consulting firms have to take up the cause of the businesses and turn their unstructured ideas into a formal structure. This restructuring helps in linearising the solutions and getting a better grasp of the problems and by consequence solutions thereto. Pragmatic solutions' main requirement is the proper definition of the problems or situation at hand (Business Strategy Consulting para 1 & 4).

Section 3: Statistics

San Antonio is the nerve center for wholesale trade for the major portion of southern and central Texas regions. Since there is a strong railway and highway connectivity with Mexico, San Antonio also has trade connections of vital importance with Mexico. It acts as a hub for commercial operations between the two nations (Duncan et al. 527). The hospitality industry thrives on the leisure activity that thrives in and around this region and shows no signs of abating in the near future. Major events like the American Bus Association Top 100 Event in North America in 2013, the Fiesta San Antonio, have placed it firmly on the map of happening places in the nation and have engendered classy art and museums, top restaurants, top-end Malls to name just a few. This destination also offers a treat for the family with its huge zoo- the Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the third largest in the country and boasts of the largest marine park in the world Sea World San Antonio. The overall impact of tourism on its economy has been estimated in 2011 to be a staggering twelve billion dollars according to the Hospitality/Tourism Economic Impact report. The four major industries considered in this report were the Entertainment, Transportation, Catering & Restaurants, and Transportation. 1,12,531 people found employment within the hospitality industry in 2011. The contribution of this industry to the local coffers can be imagined from the fact over $150 million were paid as taxes to the City and over $300 million to the local bodies. The hospitality industry here is a major source for revenue generation. It has now a favorite destination for this industry and promises to be so in times to come (CBRE Global Research and Consulting 2). The local authorities have done their bit by creating the right atmosphere and infrastructure that attracts all segments of this industry.

Healthcare and Biomedicinal science is another major industry in San Antonio. The economics of this industry as estimated by the Healthcare and Biosciences Impact in 2011 Economic Report, state that it employs about a sixth of the total employed workforce while accounting for close to thirty billion and payments exceeding seven billion in wages and salaries to its 1,56,205 workforce. The past decade itself has contributed to generation of forty thousand new jobs and is poised for further growth (CBRE Global Research and Consulting 3).

San Antonio has received a Congressional approval for the ambitious strategic realignment plan of the Department of Defense in 2005.The bill is termed BR-AC (Base Re- alignment and Closure Round). The bill envisages military readiness, modernize weaponry and instruments, consolidate infrastructure and hence economize the military operations.

This move promises to boost the cyber security and technology, bioscience, and healthcare industries and will have a huge impact commercially and as a result on the employment of the local populace. BR-AC is one of the major landmarks in the history of San Antonio growth and development story. Citing the observations of San Antonio Chamber of Commerce 2014 Relocation Guide, " about forty thousand have found employment by the gesture of BR-AC and the worth of San Antonio has appreciated by over Eight billion dollars by the end of 2011." Since most of the military initiative have… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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