Computer Careers Nature and Background of Work Term Paper

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Computer Careers

Nature and Background of Work

Job Opportunities within the Computer Profession

Working Conditions

Advancement Opportunities


Educational and Other Requirements

Future Opportunities

Conclusion career in computers is perceived today to be one of the most high-paying and respected opportunities for the new millennium. Obviously rapid technological advancements in both the workplace and in society in general make computers a huge market of opportunities. Specialization in computers will then provide the computer professional with a myriad opportunities to advance his or her own knowledge as well as helping businesses remain at the cutting edge of technology and competition.

The profession itself evolves according to new technological advances, and even occupational titles within the computer profession change according to these advancements. Current titles that could be held include systems analysts, database administrators and computer scientists. Changes in technology are then also coupled with changes in preferences and practices of employers, thus necessitating the dynamic nature of a career in computers. It is therefore a career with a large number of opportunities not only in terms of financial gain, but also in terms of professional growth.

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Systems analysts for example serve the business community through ensuring the smooth operation of computer systems, as well as implementing new systems according to the specific needs of an organization. Current systems may be upgraded and developed, while new systems are also created. According to these functions, some professionals are named systems developers or architects, according to their creative function.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Computer Careers Nature and Background of Work Assignment

Database administrators then work with databases incorporated within the systems created and installed by analysts. Communication needs and the rapid expansion of information systems such as the Internet are often handled by both database administrators and systems analysts. Often these two areas are handled by a single person or group of computer experts (Wiliams, Pers. Comm.). Networking between computers within an office or among various offices are then also handled by these experts.

Computer professionals can then be involved in both of the above areas, while also acting as experts in the implementation and expansion of the Internet. Several new professions have also been created as a result of the Internet and its popularization. The design and maintenance of Web sites for example are part of the duties handled by Internet developers or Web designers. The technical aspects such as speed and performance issues are generally known as Webmasters.

Computer scientists on the other hand work at the highest level of specialized and technical theory relating to the profession. Opportunities in computer science range from academic institutions to computer laboratories, where some are self-employed innovators and programmers. The design and evolution of information technology, computer programs, artificial intelligence and computer games (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

It is therefore clear that a career in computers offers a wide range of opportunities and directions of specialization. Accordingly, it is also a career where the benefits include a wide range of compensation possibilities with mostly excellent working conditions. The latter usually entails offices or laboratories. The hours range from 40 hours to more per week, according to the specific requirements of the job. In cases where deadlines or specific problems are involved, a workday may extend into the evening or even to the weekend. Telecommuting is often an option that appeals to computer professionals, as much work can be done by means of remote connections. Although the profession allows for more benefits than many others, computer professionals do face a number of risks. Long hours in front of the screen may for example result in eyestrain, back discomfort and problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which relates to the hands and wrists (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Employment and advancement opportunities for persons in the computer profession are many, depending on the specific area of expertise that the professional chooses, as well as the initial education taken in order to enter the profession. Most businesses require at least some… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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