Computer Fluency Impact on a Career Term Paper

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Computer Fluency Impact on a Career

Computer Fluency's Impact on Finding a Career

Attaining and maintaining a level of competency in the use of computers, software, the Internet's many research sites and business tools all contribute to a person's value over the span of their careers. Computer fluency or the knowledge of how computer systems operate and how to use their applications, including the Internet via web browsers are essential for getting started in a career. Studies have shown that computer literacy can increase a persons' salary by 5.3% to 6% per year when measured by the Computing Skills index. When 75% or more of the workers in a given business have a high level of computer fluency there is also empirical evidence that men earn up to 19.2% more over their careers in this more computer-fluent organizations. It can be inferred from these findings and additional studies that the greater the computer fluency in a given company the higher the level company-wide profitability and earnings, making it possible to pay employees higher wages.

The Only Constant is Change

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It is evident that computer fluency is very valuable to employers in that these skills give employees the agility to quickly re-align their efforts to processes as they change in their organizations. As process-centric change is constantly occurring within organizations, there is the corresponding need to stay continually fluent in computer skills, concepts, applications and new approaches to accomplishing tasks. The demand for new employees that are computer fluent is being driven by the need companies have for people who have the knowledge to change quickly in response to market, customer-based and internal needs for change. Computer fluency skills connote the ability to continually change and improve as an employee in addition to make immediate contributions through the use of computers, software, the Internet and its many applications and tools as well.

Collaboration Skills are Critical

Term Paper on Computer Fluency Impact on a Career Computer Assignment

Another aspect of gaining higher levels of computer literacy is the increasing reliance on collaborative technologies, which are making these combined skills also critical. Just as computer literacy is seen as evidence of a potential employee being able to stay agile, interested and learning over their careers in addition to making immediate contributions, advanced computer literacy skills are critical for the ability to collaborate on projects across departments or across continents. There are studies which have specifically measured the impact of computer fluency on the ability of employees to make significantly greater contributions through collaboration, with Computer-Email-Web (CEW) Fluency Scale being a metric that is often used to measure the propensity of employees to be able to collaborate successfully in their own companies and with other organizations that may be involved in projects.

This is the one area of skills that specifically are required for a new position in terms of computer fluency and the ability to work together in teams are assessed. Computer fluency that is indicative of the ability to work in large and small teams is a highly valuable skill set for anyone looking to find and grow their careers. Telecommuting, global development teams with members across the world's major cities and development centers, and the need for continually staying in touch while traveling on business are all critical skill requirements that new employees need to accentuate and draw attention to.

Initiative and Computer Fluency

The collective set of skills a new employee… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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