Computer Information System Business Proposal

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¶ … global economy or internationalization has changed the use of information systems by businesses.

There are many ways the global economy and internationalization has changed the use of information systems. The most significant continues to be in the development and extending of supply chains globally, throughout both manufacturing and services industries (Mihm, 56, 57). International business and internationalization has made supply chain performance critical from not only an accuracy perspective but one of making the most of time and efficiency as well. A second major way that the global economy and internationalization is changing the way information systems are used is in creating global manufacturing networks (Monroy, Arto, 314). Aerospace manufacturers rely on these global manufacturing networks to gain access to the highly specialized parts and supplies they need to produce aircraft and spacecraft. A third aspect of how the global economy is changing the use information systems in businesses is the reliance on cloud computing. Yahoo Mail, and other online applications delivered over the cloud computing are revolutionizing businesses globally today.

2. Briefly describe the currently most reliable technique that is used to correctly structure a database, i.e. organize its tables and data fields and relationships.

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Of the many techniques available for correctly structuring a database, the Structured Query Language (SQL) technologies and techniques are the most effective, and most scalable across various operating systems. SQL also supports comparable query commands across many different software company's implementations as well. The oracle SQL format is comparable to IBM for example, and the core concepts are easily transferred across each of these vendors' products. SQL-based databases are also the basis of many of the e-commerce sites that are used globally including, and many of the airlines websites.

Business Proposal on Computer Information System Assignment

3. If your company were to engage in B2B ecommerce, what are the top three (3) benefits that you would gain and the top three (3) problems that you would expect to encounter in doing this?

The top three benefits of engaging in B2B e-commerce are many. The first is the ability to be more responsive and deliver greater levels of service to customers. The second benefit is the delivery of price and availability on major orders B2B customers have already placed, anytime the customer chooses to check status, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Chong, Shafaghi, Woollaston, Lui, 310). The third major benefit is the ability to sell more add-on products and services by integrating a guided selling or product configuration system onto a B2B e-commerce website to guide customers to ancillary and related products. The three major problems of selling on a B2B e-commerce website include channel conflict with other reseller and channel partners (Standifer, Wall Jr., 67), the costs of the enterprise systems to support e-commerce transactions online, often including order capture and transaction engines. A third problem is the costs associated with running a B2B e-commerce website over time, as they often have product catalogs, pricing applications, and ordering applications that need to be continually updated and improved.

4. Briefly describe the top three (3) benefits and problems that you as a consumer experience as a result of corporations using business intelligence systems to increase their profits.

The top three benefits to the customer experience of corporations using business intelligence to increase their sales and profits are as follows. First, the tailoring of specific products and accessories when purchasing online are made much more relevant with business intelligence. The recommendation engine on is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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