Computer Technology Essay

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Computer Technology and Daily Life

One of the hallmarks of the Computer Age and Computer Technology -- and truly of all technology -- is the increased ease and speed of communication and trade. Basically, every technological innovation from the wheel to the airplane, and the telegraph to the Internet, has allowed human beings to connect with other individuals for both social and economic benefit. Computers and their accompanying technologies are no exception to this generalization, but are rather simply the latest and arguably the most efficient manifestations of humanities inherent sociability. The Internet is, of course, the most clear example of this technological trend when it comes to computers. Using the Internet and the multitude of specific software programs and websites that have been developed in the decade or so of its true spread and cultural ingraining, people today are able to see what a friend is doing and even talk to them, find businesses and products with pricing information and consumer reviews, and access almost the entire store of human knowledge -- and all of this almost instantly, with a few keystrokes.

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Computers and the Internet share another similarity with other technologies -- they quickly insinuate themselves into essential positions within a culture. Twenty years ago, very few people had cell phones, even though they existed. Technology improved and cheapened, and now it is almost impossible to imagine getting by without one. The same is true of email; most businesses and learning institutions assign employees/students email addresses that are used for necessary communications, and such options are generally available for most financial institutions as well. Email is already pretty much mandatory for conducting business in the modern age, and the Internet in general is following along the same path. In the coming decade, the instant communication of the Internet will have a huge effect on our daily lives.

TOPIC: Essay on Computer Technology Assignment

Academia is one area where the Internet will continue to make a large and controversial impact. Having access to such enormous quantities of information means that there are at least as many false or misleading websites as there are reliable ones. According to one study, however, seventy-three percent of college students use the Internet more than a library to conduct research for their courses (Causey 2005). This has led many to fear the increased dumbing-down of the student body, and a decreased ability to tell reliable information from claptrap. Similar fears arose surrounding the printing press, however; when information becomes cheap to disseminate, more and more people will have their say (Causey 2005). In the coming years, not only will Internet control via legislation become more prominent, but skills will develop in the population that enable a greater ability to discern good information.

This will be increasingly necessary, as well, as the coming decade will bring faster and even more capable mobile devices and networks that enable Internet access almost anywhere, anytime. Even… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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