Computer Is Too Slow Application Essay

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It also advised me to automate Windows Update by allowing Windows to install the latest updates, which will improve the computer's performance.

Finally, Microsoft urged me to remove spy ware and to install an anti- virus-protection program on the computer. Spy ware and malware can slow down the system, and the site was most helpful in referring me to a free program that would provide automatic updates to help keep the system running more efficiently.


Through turning to various sites, I discovered that the more technical the site, the more complex the information and, the more laborious to understand. In time, I realized that by turning to those sites most instantly connected to computer (such as Microsoft), the information was not only simple (i.e. geared to computer dummies such as I), but also explained why the problem occurred in the first place as well as practically leading me through the steps and showing me where the essential tool may be found.

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I had, at one time, consulted tomes and diverse books and manuals in the effort to improve computer performance. I gave up: their instruction was too abstruse. In one site and with only a few paragraphs, Microsoft not only provided reasons for the problem, but also directed me to aid that can eliminate it and very simply and succinctly led me through the steps whereby I can induce more rapid performance. The Internet, I discovered, can be a problem solving as opposed to a problem-generating system, as long as one knows which sites to access. I've learned that oftentimes sites that are most intimately involved with production and performance of the product can best help you. Perhaps because they know more about it and are better paid to know more about their job than others are


Application Essay on Computer Is Too Slow. I Assignment

Microsoft at home. Slow PC? Optimize your computer for peak performance [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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