Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Research Paper

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This confusion arising from functionalities of the system would expose confidential information of the patients thus essence of unethical practices within the health system.

What ethical, legal or social issue may be related to this consequence?

In case of confusion in the data entry or documentation of valuable or confidential information relating to the patient, there can be an invasion of privacy thus unethical practice towards enhancing safety of the patient. There is also lack of efficiency in the service delivery hence hindering the realization of the goals and objectives of quality health services.

How would the consequence or remedied be handled

In order to eliminate or minimize this consequence, it is vital for users to undergo effective and efficient training process for the purposes of familiarizing with the functionalities of the systems. Training will ensure that users have valuable ability to operate various versions of the systems, enter appropriate texts, and adopt accurate selection/presentation options.

Section 3: Overdependence on Technology

Clear identification of the unintended consequence

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Another unintended consequence of implementation of the concept of CPOE systems is overdependence on technology (Ash, Berg, & Coiera, 2004). This is because CPOE technology has the ability to diffuse and entrench itself within the organization. This makes it indispensable in relation to the clinical care delivery. There is havoc situation when there are no paper backup systems to sustain the system failures. It is also ideal to note that clinical staff forgets to utilize paper work when the systems are off thus the essence of over dependency on technology as an unintended consequence following the implementation of the CPOE systems in hospitals.

How and/or why the unintended consequence occur

Research Paper on Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Assignment

This unintended consequence occurs following deep diffusion and wide application of technology within the organization. This makes it difficult for the organization to manage and execute its operations effectively and efficiently without technology or the concept of CPOE systems. It is also ideal to note that overdependence on CPOE by clinicians generate problems or inefficiency whenever they transfer to work settings without implementation of this technology. Some clinicians also adopt these systems in remembering standard dosages and recommendations thus generation of knowledge gaps in case of absence of the CPOE technology. Most organizations integrate information and other valuable documentation in these systems. System failures would result into lack of effectiveness and efficiency in the service delivery.

What threat to patient safety occurs with each consequence identified?

System failures within the organization would hinder the provision of quality services to patients. This is because clinical staff would have troubles remembering appropriate dosages and recommendations in case of overdependence and application of this technology within the context of the hospital. This indicates that hospitals experiencing this unintended consequence will offer low quality services to consumers when CPOE systems fail to operate effectively and efficiently.

What ethical, legal or social issue may be related to this consequence?

Application of these systems focuses on the personification of technology to perform the roles of clinicians in relation to appropriate dosages and recommendations. This indicates that technology plays a critical role in shaping operations within the context of health sector and centers. Human beings (clinicians) should portray moral aspects through offering valuable decisions with minimal influence of technology.

How would the consequence or remedied be handled

In order to handle this unintended consequence, the organization should focus on the presentation of diverse options with reference to documentation and ordering processes and activities. This will contribute towards minimization of overdependence on technology with the purpose of offering quality services to patients. In case of failure of the CPOE systems, the organization would have the opportunity to continue its operations through alternative means towards the realization of the goals and objectives such as quality health to patients.


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