Computers Describe 4 Computer Applications That Assist Term Paper

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Describe 4 computer applications that assist nurses in their work:

number of computer applications assist nurses in their work. The use of PDAs and other portable devices on hospital floors is becoming increasingly common because of their usefulness in managing patient files and inputting data digitally, on the fly. The software applications available on PDA for nurses include database and spreadsheet applications that manage medication use and can also interface with medication inventory software. Nurses may also need to use staffing software, inventory control software, and software that manages invoicing and other billing procedures. Word processing software may also be necessary in nursing departments.

2.Identify the 3 parts of a personal computer system.

Three parts of the personal computer system include the CPU (including the motherboard, memory, and all video or audio cards), monitor, and input devices such as keyboards and mice.

Name three (3) input devices

Input devices include keyboards, mice, and graphic tablets.

4. Name two (2) output devices monitor is an output device, and so are printers and computer speakers.

5. Name three (3) different types of computerized educational aids.

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Computerized educational aids include language acquisition software; computer-simulated modeling software; and assessment software such as those used for examinations.

6.Name three (3) different assessment types that are possible on internet based instruction.

Internet-based instruction allows for multiple choice tests, essay examinations, and live timed quizzes.

7. Name three (3) different types of computers used in health care.

PDAs, laptops and desktops are all used in health care. However, computers are increasingly being integrated into medical equipment such as computerized examination devices and scanners.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Computers Describe 4 Computer Applications That Assist Assignment

8. Describe the three (3) main benefits of a point of care system.

Point of care systems are portable, fast, and accurate.

9. Discuss two (2) concerns that clients may have with the use of electronic data keeping.

Clients may be concerned with human errors related to electronic data keeping such as accidentally typing the wrong data; and clients may also be concerned with issues affecting electronics such as power outages or storm damage.

10. Explain the difference between a bibliography and a Reference List bibliography is a list of all the works that may have been consulted during the course of research, whereas a list of references includes only sources that were directly cited in the report.

11. Correctly rewrite the following examples of in text referencing.

2005),Jane Morris, p.22)____(Morris 2005, p. 22)

Ian Sloane, p.12(2004)____(Sloane 2004, p. 12)____ p.84.Cain, L.(2005)____(Cain 2005, p. 84)

12. Rewrite correctly the following examples of end text referencing.

Book end text reference:

2005).Nursing in Rural Australia (italicised).Peters Publications.Jones, J.D., & Foster, P.S.

Sydney, Australia:

Jones, J.D. & Foster, P.S. (2005). Nursing in Rural Australia. Sydney: Peters Publications.

Journal end text reference:

Use of companion animals in nursing homes.21-27.Tilley, M.D.(2004).(3). Aged care nursing (italicised).42

Tilley, M.D. (2004). Use of companion animals in nursing homes. Aged Care Nursing 3(42) 2004, pp. 21-27.

Internet end text reference: ( (underlined)Companionanimals (italicised).Retrieved on the 2 March,2005 at Tilley, M.D.(2005)

Tilley, M.D. (2005). Companion animals. Retrieved 2 Mar 2005 from

13. Briefly describe the 3 main sections of an essay/tutorial presentation.

Three main sections of an essay or tutorial presentation include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

14. List three (3) different types of sources you can use as references for your tutorial presentation, or when researching an assignment parts of an assignment.

Three types of sources include academic journal articles, books or book chapters, and reputable web sites.

15. List three (3) teaching aids you could use in the tutorial to assist with your presentation.

I can use multimedia such as videos or overhead photo projectors to provide a visual component to the presentation. I could also use printouts.

16. Give 3 reasons why nursing research is important

Nursing research is important for the following reasons. First, nursing research offers a body of knowledge from which to draw best practices. Second, nursing research helps eliminate biases in practice, which should also be backed up by empirical research. Third, research in nursing can illuminate alternative ways of treating patients including emerging technologies and novel techniques.

17. Rewrite the following statement correctly, in third person. "I believe that the construction of the Perth Darwin highway is essential in helping to reduce traffic congestion." Quote by James Brown,1999.

Brown (1999) noted that the construction of the Perth Darwin highway is essential in helping reduce traffic congestion.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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