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Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building

As part of the proposed refurbishment of the former factory building, this proposal addresses the potential networking and Voice over Internet (VoIP) requirements for up to 50 apartments, 30 small retail stores, 2 or more full-service restaurants, a breakfast cafe, and office space. The business environment of the twenty-first century has become a more technologically advanced global spectrum that will remain extremely dependent on real time capabilities and seamless streams of information. The fact of the matter is that even small to midsized companies of today require the ability to fully utilize an available global communications infrastructure.

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Historically, advantages were actually cost prohibitive to all but the largest business entities. The associated information technology costs were completely out of reach for the small to mid-sized organization. Only a few decades ago, these small to midsized companies could not afford their operations to be rewired or redesigned to accommodate new hardware systems. But in just under eighty years, the information technology industry has completely reinvented itself several times especially if one considers that from the early days of the UNIVAC, computing power needed space -- several warehouse sized rooms of space. Now children's cell phones have more computing power than the original UNIVAC's power capabilities.

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As technology continues to make great strides, technologically sophisticated organizations will move away from wire-based LAN technology to integrate completely wireless systems or even adopt newer and much more cost effective Web-based processes including fully functional VoIP. Today, small to midsized companies like the ones that will rent or lease space in the refurbished former factory building will want the unique advantage of using the highest quality Information technology hardware and software and VoIP that are efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Proposal & Implementation Plan

For Refurbishment of Former Factory Building


As part of the proposed refurbishment of the former factory building, this proposal addresses the networking requirements for up to 50 apartments, 30 small retail stores, 2 or more full-service restaurants, a breakfast cafe, and office space. The proposal explains how this refurbishment will address a building-wide VoIP functionality as well as proposing some preliminary steps and equipment that will help future design and architecture blueprint sessions. There is little doubt that using just in time delivery purchasing techniques will require additional planning before the building is physically being worked on. As all architects are aware, system design holds the common notion that it is always cheaper to erase a part of a blue print than it is to rebuild an entire wall.

Problem Statement and Goal

The refurbishment of the former factory building will require a viable, highly functional and self sufficient network with efficient VoIP that will have the power and data storage capabilities to handle the throughput of up to 50 apartments, 30 small retail stores, 2 or more full-service restaurants, a breakfast cafe, and office space. This proposed network system with VoIP will be extremely cost affective and will meet all regulatory requirements. In the United States for example, the Federal Communications Commission requires that all interconnected VoIP service providers comply with requirements that are equivalent to those for traditional telecommunications service providers. In other words, this new system needs the VoIP operators to be able to support local number portability; have service accessible to those that have disabilities; the ability to compensate regulatory fees and make all service contributions and mandated payments. The VoIP will also need to be fully functional with law enforcement authorities when they need to inadvertently conduct surveillance. These requirements are set by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), but they do not cover the enhanced 911 services this system will be required to offer. VoIP operators must meet any and all U.S. telecommunications regulations such as entitlement to interconnection and exchange of traffic with incumbent local exchange carriers.

Thus, although it is not a part of the specifications for this particular network and is therefore only a supplementary suggestion, additional research can be provided on request for this proposal team to order and promote the incorporation into external extras such as sufficient solar or wind energy grid that has the capabilities to reverse charge for all unused electrical energy. This green technology on the roof of the refurbished building will make not only the proposed network 100% and VoIP self-contained and completely un-reliant on external power sources, it could potentially provide energy for all aspects of the building thus recouping costs on a per use basis.

The proposed network will be IP-based and a fully integrated broadband throughput with full support of all voice, video and data communications for the building. The goal of this proposal is to show the solutions and opportunities of our firm in our attempt to meet the needs, goals and objectives of the refurbishment committee. The business and private entities that will reside in the finished product will require thorough and seamless low cost high speed internet connectivity, regulatory compliant VoIP with support.

The future tenants will achieve both business and personal success in a more cost effective and efficient way if the internally housed legacy system and Local Area Networks were robust and capable of remaining online and in real time 365/24/7. The combination of apartment and business functionality will require a powerful custom designed client server information system with an IBM mid range legacy mainframe computer that will require a minimum of four full time employees that function in the roles of system maintenance coordinator, network security administrator, customer service manager and an overall network lead manager.


The proposed in-house network combination and legacy mainframe with VoIP are relevant to the success of the refurbishment project because this proposal presents a completely self sufficient process that will not be labor intensive or technologically inefficient. The proposed custom design takes all areas of the new system requirements into consideration. The combination of integrated machines, internal communication, external communication, security demands and management of software and hardware will require a seamless stream of communication. This team will meet all of the vendors required and negotiate reasonable pricing for all of the hardware and software based on our experience and connections in the software and hardware industry. We are fully aware of advances in the corporate Information Technology world and can offer suggestions that over time will make our system much more cost effective than the other teams providing proposals. For example, due to the fact that underlying IP networks are sometimes less reliable, we can suggest alternatives to the circuit-switched public telephone system that does not always provide mechanisms that make certain that data packets are delivered in the proper sequential order. We also understand that without the Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees the new VoIP could potentially handling mitigating latency or jitter. Because Voice and all other data move in systemized packets through the IP network, VoIP at times is prone to congestion. In other words, a circuit switched system that is lacking in capacity could potentially refuse all connections while simultaneously degrade calls. This problem would be accentuated when incorporating the voice calls with in-house e-mail system servers, document management servers and database servers to integrate all of these business requirements.

We can provide viable solutions to reduce system strain and congestion on the overall VoIP in-house network by eliminating collisions without losing the capability to perform the communication process. We understand that with B2B, businesses and private individuals benefit from the Internet. "Starting with the existing code features: the Net is, first, characterized by many-to-many interactivity. Complicated as this may sound, there's nothing unusual about interactivity. After all, the telegraph and telephone are interactive. But they only allow one-to-one communication between two parties. Mass media such as television and newspapers, on the other hand, are one-to-many but they're not interactive: One broadcaster or publisher can speak to a huge audience, but those who watch or read can't easily speak back. With the Net, however, communications can be one to-one (email, for example) or one-to-many (when one puts up a web site or sends a message to an email list). This means that, in the big picture, the Net is many-to-many, because "many" people (in fact, anyone with access) can speak to "many" others." (Shapiro, 1999)

This proposal suggests that it has become much more efficient to incorporate and utilize web-based file servers and low cost high speed internet connectivity that enhances the VoIP process as the industry moves towards universal standards-based applications. Our suggested integrated information technology services infrastructure will replace once in-house servers by moving the duties and responsibilities to an external costume designed web-based methodology. This type of technology offers multiple capabilities but is highly cost effective and enhances the power of the in-house development platform for the refurbished building's client/server and VoIP applications. "Access to computer-mediated technologies, such as the Internet, has extended our informational and interactive capabilities.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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