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How do we solve this problem? Some people might think that pouring money into education for underdeveloped countries is one solution, or developing more foreign-language translation resources here, that can easily adapt to translating foreign Web sites for individual, corporate and government use. Another solution is developing Information and Communications Networks (ICN) in these countries, to bring the technology to the people and train them how to use it, giving them many more opportunities for advancement, education, and eventual mastery of the computer and their futures. Another writer notes, "The United Nations and other organisations have embarked on several projects aimed at bringing ICT to citizens of developing countries" (Boakye-Akyeampong, 2009). This would benefit the communities, it could help keep people in their communities instead of fleeing to the cities for work, and it could develop more African computer users ready to develop more information in their own languages, making it available to others around the world. While that would add to the proliferation of language problems facing the Internet in the future, it would better lives.

In conclusion, language, and lack of language skills, is a major problem facing the computers and Internet of the future. How language is translated could become a huge issue, and how users gain information could become a problem. Even larger is the idea of information being posted online that could be damaging or dangerous, and controlling that information in foreign countries. The Internet faces challenges ahead, and how we solve them is extremely important.

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Term Paper on Computers and the Internet. Specifically Assignment

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