Computers for the Organization Essay

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While in other areas, these computers are relatively similar, there is a major difference in terms of operating systems and software. Apple uses a proprietary operating system and software. There are benefits to this and drawbacks. The Apple O/S is usually considered superior to that of Windows, both in terms of security and stability, although Windows has made significant improvements on both fronts in recent years. The Samsung comes with Windows Home Premium while the equivalent Toshiba comes with Windows Professional, a superior product. The quality of basic MS Office software on Apple computers is much better today than it has been in the past. All computers come with the option of purchasing full use MS Office products. With respect to other software, Windows has greater flexibility because of its open system, and users can choose their software. For simplicity, however, the organization may choose to load a software package that is consistent for all members of the organization -- flexibility is not necessary a benefit for the organization. In addition, it is worth considering that many users are more familiar with Windows products and software, and these are more globally compatible.


The Samsung Series 9 has a list price of $1,649.00. The MacBook Air 13" has a list price of $1,299 for 128GB of flash storage (equivalent to the other two machines). The list price for 256GB flash storage is $1,549. The Toshiba with the solid state is $1,649. The Toshiba with the traditional hard drive is listed between $799 and $899 depending on the model.

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The most significant difference between these computers is with respect to the software and operating system. The MacBook Air scores well on all counts, and should be considered an option. By process of elimination, the Toshiba would be chosen over the Samsung for a couple of reasons. It comes with a better operating system, has the newest processor, and has the best battery life, all important considerations for the organization. Between the Toshiba and the Mac, there is a strong element of personal preference between the two. The decision depends on the software requirements -- some software is exclusive to one platform or the other -- and the relative familiarity of the organization with the platform. It is likely that this organization has a majority Windows users, which would lead to a Recommendation of the Toshiba. It is superior in some respects, inferior in others. The option of purchasing a traditional hard drive version for significantly less money might also be attractive for the organization, despite the slight downgrade in performance.

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