Computers Have Revolutionized the 21st Century Research Paper

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Computers have revolutionized the 21st century in that manual activities have become automated. Activities such as reading books have changed with the production of e-books which have reduced the physical load on students to carry many books. E-books have allowed the society to conserve the environment with the demand for paper has reduced. The computer has also enabled the society to share information thus facilitating communication. The storage of information in many organizations, the sharing and manipulation of data is facilitated by computer information system. The computer information system can be described as a network of computer where information in an organization is shared and stored.

Computer information systems software

Computer software is a program that is installed into a computer to enable the hardware to operate effectively. The use of computer information systems software has been incorporated in the fields to improve services delivery and provision. The institutions have realized that a network that interconnects the various departments in the organization saves the organization time, energy and funds. Many institutions in the developed nations have adopted the use of computer information systems software. This explains why the quality of products or services in these countries is better than the developing countries. The uses of computer information systems software in applications have some setbacks which need to be addressed to ensure that the systems are effective (Oz 180).

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One advantage of using computer information systems software in the industries is the fast rate of operation. Computer information systems allow the storage of operational data in the organizations network. The soft ware allows storage of operational history is important when debugging the system and evaluating performance. The management may use the systems software to improve the performance of the computer system. Computer systems software should be designed to incorporate all the crucial parameters in the company. Different organization use different software which are dependent on the procedures undertaken by the company.

Research Paper on Computers Have Revolutionized the 21st Century in Assignment

An institution that uses conventional methods of storing patient information is likely to be affected by loss of the documents or damage to the documents. The organization may lose financial information thus may not be able to collect debts. The use of computer information systems software allows a compact way of collecting client's information thus collection of revenue is accurate. Accurate collection of revenue ensures that the organization can cater for its expenses thus maintain its operation. All organizations need to maintain financial records safely thus the need for institutions to use computer information software (Kurbel 138).

The management may use the computer information systems to keep track of all the resources controlled by the organization. The resources controlled by the organization include the equipment, office space and utilities. The management will be able to keep track of the manpower in the organization to ensure that the patients are served effectively. The management can also use the systems to manage duties in the organization to ensure fair distribution of working hours for every worker. The equipment in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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