Computers Social Behavioral Sciences Essay

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Additionally, computers are useful to the field of social and behavioral sciences because they allow for researchers to readily store and access their work (Lee, 1973, p. 243). Lastly, computers are effective for working in this field because they provide access to a bevy of research materials and papers from external sources that researchers can examine, enabling faster calculations (Ward, 1955, p. 826). Disadvantages of the usage of computers in this field include the fact that some researchers may prefer such secondary research to primary research gathered in the field. The quality of research conducted via computers may be suspect, due to websites with ulterior motives. Finally, the usage of computers is part of the culture of instant gratification which may foster a degree of impatience in researchers and other dysfunctional symptoms (Sim et al., 2012, p. 748).

A thorough examination of the discussion in this paper reveals that for the most part, the usage of computers in this field is considerably more beneficial than detrimental. The wide range of access to research and trends related to data and social media cannot be disputed. Recommendations, however, include a caveat that participants in the field of social and behavioral science not become complacent or reliant on computers. It is recommended that researchers still value and conduct primary research -- computers are integral for the conducting of facets of research such as literature reviews.


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TOPIC: Essay on Computers Social Behavioral Sciences. Please Assignment

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