Computers Think Computers Are Programmed Research Paper

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A computer would not consider human emotions into its analysis, which means that it has no emotions or self-awareness. These two are part of what forms intelligence and is necessary for processing thoughts. Self-awareness would allow the computer to approach the situation with other and itself in mind. Taking others into consideration is not capable for computers unless there is data input by a user to suggest this consideration.

The lack of consciousness limits indicates computers cannot think as conscious allows a person to differentiate good from bad. The differentiation is different for two people based on their prevailing environment, cultural beliefs, and religion. Since a computer does not have a conscious it would only operate within the requirements of the law and will not consider any of the prevailing circumstances. This demonstrates that the computer cannot think on its own. It would require human input or interaction for the computer to change its way of functioning. Input is a requirement for both computers and humans, but humans can determine by themselves that there is some information missing, which computers are not able to do. A computer is also not capable of getting information on its own. If not user inputs the information the computer will do nothing and it will also not make any request for the information. This definitely does prove that a computer cannot think or does not have any reasoning power.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on Computers Think Computers Are Programmed Assignment

Using human conscious a person is able to determine a situation is unsafe and they would move from the location for their own safety. A computer does not have the ability of using its conscious as it does not have one, which means that it will require some input from external sources (user) in order for it to know what is really happening and predict the outcome. Once it has determined the outcome, it will not move from the area as it does not have any feelings or emotions. The lack of these limits the computer's ability to correctly be thought of as a capable of thinking. This analysis is based on how humans react to situations. Humans have different inputs, and the computer relies only on two inputs (Keyboard and Mouse) for capturing any data. This limited ability makes computers unable to capture all the information by itself and without requiring… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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