Concert Report and Summary - Paris Term Paper

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Concert Report & Summary - Paris

Concert Performer: The Grand Tour, Paris

Concert Location: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California

Type of Concert: Classical symphony

Concert Summary:

Rameau: Overture to Na s.

Rameau's Overture to Nais is perhaps one of the most innovative and interesting musical pieces from this concert. Its most enchanting characteristic is perhaps the very keen and close description of the actual epical action that the music describes.

The story presents the attack of Mount Olympus by the titans and giants during their war with the Greek gods. From this perspective, the music would have to have two important descriptive roles. First of all, it would need to describe the actual storming action, but, at same time, it would also need to describe the characters who are in the middle of the storming act, the titans and giants.

Rameau succeeds in doing both. His music is extraordinarily strong and brash, with very fast tempos to match an action of full attack by the mythological creatures. All is peppered with the likes of horns and full orchestral trumpets which the attack. The musical depiction of the attack gives the listener the impression of being in the middle of all events. It is all very dramatic and alert, a joy for the listener of this piece.

Haydn: Symphony No. 85, "La reine"

Haydn's Symphony No. 85, "La reine," is part of the set of Parisian symphonies no. 82 to 87 and, in many ways, it bears some of the Parisian atmosphere of the end of the 18th century.

The first part of the symphony starts very bold, with the impression that the composer is willing to emphasize something in his musical discourse. However, the strings orchestra makes its very quiet appearance, transforming the approach from the strong, emphasized one, to a more quite and contemplative movement. However, this is just a signal for the other instruments in the orchestra to gradually join in the movement towards a glorious musical introduction.

The second movement is a musical piece where you might expect the queen to appear and be described. Indeed, this is quite and contemplative, yet very majestic and royal. The third movement is a very successful minuet, while the fourth and final movement is describes virtually a circular return to the initial first movement of the symphony. The sonata characteristics are quite relevant here as well, just as much as in the first movement.


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