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[. . .] The principle difference in the role of concerts between the Baroque era and the contemporary one is that in contemporary society, pop music concerts are an occasion for concert goers to release themselves -- to unwind and enjoy the music. Again, there was more formality associated with baroque concerts so, although there was some degree of pleasure involved on the part of concert goers, the occasion was altogether serious and considered highly valued art. In comparison, concerts are principally a venue for listeners to have fun, enjoy the music, as well as to intermingle and meet people.

The type of people who attended concerts during the baroque period included fairly serious individuals. These included royal personages and members of the government, as well as individuals who were considered high society or high class people. Attending concerts was definitely a privilege during this epoch. However, within contemporary times, concerts are attended by laymen or regular people. There are still some concerts (typically of classical or even Baroque music) in which the upper crust of society -- meaning the wealthy -- are more likely to attend than those who are not socially and monetarily elite. However, for the most part concerts are attended by the general population. The average attenders of a rap music concert, for example, are just regular teenagers and young adults from all walks of life including many different races, nationalities, and religious denomination.

As previously alluded to, people attend concerts within contemporary times as a means of having fun. Also, some go because they feel a really strong connection to particular performing artists. Others go because concerts are simply social events and ways of meeting new people. Some people even go to concerts (especially those which involve certain types of music which is considered subversive) to start trouble, pick fights, and commit crimes. In general, however, people perceive of concerts as a way to have fun for an afternoon and an evening. People frequently like to engage in mind expansion via chemical substances such as alcohol or recreational drugs like marijuana.

New technologies certainly change the way that people experience music. This fact is perhaps best demonstrated by the influence of the internet. The internet -- and other new technologies as well such as digital media, ear pods, and video possibilities -- makes for a much more individualized experience. People no longer have to wait for a radio station or even television station to play their favorite song -- they can instantly access it in a medium in which they are the only ones to hear it at that particular point in time.

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