concise Analysis of Biological Criminal Behavior Presentation Essay

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Challenges/criticisms of using systems analysis

One of the major challenges of systems analysis is the complexity involved. This is despite the fact that the system analysis process is straightforward in concept. The application of the practical aspects of system analysis, however, is complex. For example, a relatively simple task like analyzing the current procurement process will require inputs from the procurement department, the finance department, the auditors, the supplies and transport department, and even input from the company board. This is a complex process that requires time and effort from the various concerned stakeholders.

The second challenge is closely related to the first, and it lies in achieving collaboration and synchronization through teamwork. Based on the need for various disciplines to contribute to the system analysis process, inherent discrepancies often threaten the success of the process. While, on the periphery, teamwork is and should be a contributory aspect, the entire process is at risk, even if one of the disciplines fails to deliver. In the manufacturing industry, the scientists, the engineer, and the technicians are required to work as an integrated team in system analysis, and work in a common environment for a common problem-oriented focus, to realize a common objective.

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Lastly, at a company level, the process of system analysis is expensive. The development of capacity, both human and financial is hard-worn, time-consuming, and expensive. This is especially true when an entirely new process of system analysis is being undertaken. This is also the basis for a criticism of this process by those who propose a continuous analysis of the system by documentation of system challenges and continuous efforts to better the system as an alternative to system analysis events. However, entirely new system analysis process cannot be avoided, especially when new products or a new line of operation in a service industry is under consideration.

To counter these challenges, effort is required to integrate the teamwork as possible to ensure that the best possible results are obtained, because system analysis cannot be avoided in any success-endeavoring venture.

Essay on A concise Analysis of Biological Criminal Behavior Presentation Assignment

Validity of role as a systems analyst

To be a competent and qualified systems analyst, the first and probably the most important qualification is a high academic qualification in a field related to or involving project management. The proposed minimum academic qualification is Graduation. The academic qualification is essential for equipping a system analyst with the requisite and standard information on how the system works; in considering the academic level, the higher the better. Based on this requirement, I am qualified to be a valid systems analyst.

In addition to academic qualification, experience is a critical requirement. Experience has two critical contributions to be a system analyst. First, is to ensure adequate hands-on expertise on how the system is built, and how it works. This is a crucial point in systems analysis as a system that works otherwise than it's made to work is malfunctioning. Additionally, experience is critical as it allows an analyst to recommend how to orient a system for better efficiency and throughput, as compared to its current operations. The options to improve a system may include operating on lower costs or for optimum services. Based on experience, I personally feel that I have adequate experience and exposure in the manufacturing industry to independently take up a thorough system analysis assignment with guaranteed success. This is because I have undertaken comprehensive internship in the industry and gained sufficient experience as to competently take up a role as a system analyst.

Based on these above two qualifications; academic qualifications and experience, I am confident that I am competent enough to be an effective system analyst by auditing the current system and proposing improvements.


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