Concise Analysis of Communication and Leadership Term Paper

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Different from companies in the Western world and Silicon Valley, Alibaba is big on teamwork, which encompasses frequent outings and games. This creates a kind of unity and focus in the fraternity, which propels them to work even harder, have job satisfaction, and enjoy the workplace setting (Clark, 2016).

Developing High Performing Teams

Teamwork is delineated as the capacity to work in tandem toward a mutual vision. It includes the capability to direct personal achievements towards organizational aims. It is the drive that permits common individuals to achieve uncommon outcomes (MGMT 560, n.d). The key role played by a leader with regard to teamwork is to influence individuals by providing purpose, direction, and motivation and at the same time functioning cogently to achieve the mission and enhancing the organization. There are four stages of developing a team, which comprise of performing, norming, storming and forming. Jack Ma has been able to develop an efficacious and successful team in Alibaba. In particular, the company develops functional teams. In delineation, a functional team is a group of employees that belong to the similar functional department, for instance, marketing, human resources, research and development (MGMT 560, n.d).

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Having opened offices in Silicon Valley, Alibaba is keen on creating cross-functional teams. In particular, the company has been hiring personnel from other corporations such as Microsoft, who are developers. The individuals forming these teams specialize in data mining, machine knowledge, disseminated computing in addition to hardcore software engineers to improve the working of Alibaba, what is now regarded as the biggest e-commerce platform in the globe (NGRUPPUSOBLOG, 2016). However, in these teams, there is flattened hierarchy where the personnel are free with each other and have nicknames, which increases a sense of bonding in the employees (Shao, 2014).

Application of Conclusions

Term Paper on A Concise Analysis of Communication and Leadership Assignment

The aforementioned conclusions of the assessment of Jack Ma and his leadership can be applied to my roles and responsibilities within my organization. I presently work in a media organization group and my role is that of an event and project manager. Being active in the creation and management of events and projects, communication is a key element for success. This implies that I have to understand the objective of the message, when and where the message should be transmitted and who should receive a particular message. The application from the conclusions is to accept both positive and negative criticisms in order to be able to improve and enhance the kind of projects and events being fashioned (Lutz, 2015). Secondly, I have to create an effective functional team that works in tandem towards the success of the events we undertake. A project or an event encompasses different aspects such as planning, creating and implementing. Therefore, these individuals will play a functional role in developing the team's success and report to me as the project manager (MGMT 560, n.d). In this regard, organizational culture and climate are also applicable. Having a culture of transparency, teamwork and hard work can play a vital role in my role as an events manager and making certain that the organization is successful. This will enable all project team members to work in a transparent and honest manner, work in tandem with each other and toward the main objective of the project team.


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