Concise Analysis of FNP core competencies Research Paper

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It also encompasses the evaluation of the organizational structure, care practices, financing, marketing and policy decisions have an effect on the quality of health care rendered (Thomas et al., 2011).

On the other hand, with respect to the NP student role, the core competencies encompassed are those of the NP Core Competencies. According to Thomas et al. (2011), these competencies are obtained by means of taught and guided patient care experiences with focus on autonomous and inter-professional practice, analytics skills for assessing and rendering evidence-based care, patient centered care across various environments and advanced knowledge of the healthcare delivery system. One of the key similarities in core competencies for both the NP student and nursing informaticist encompasses the demonstration of information literacy skills in intricate decision making. In addition, it encompasses adding to the design of clinical information systems that give rise to safe, quality, as well as cost-effective care. There is also the utilization of technology systems that seize data on variables for the assessment of nursing care (Thomas et al., 2011).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on A Concise Analysis of FNP core competencies Assignment

However, there are distinctive variances in core competencies of these roles. A key difference is that the role of NP student necessitated independent practice competencies. A NP student is expected to know how to practice independently, managing preceding diagnosed and undiagnosed patients. Different from a nursing informaticist, a NP student is expected to be able to hand out prescriptions of medication within the scope of practice, use screening and diagnostic ways in the development of diagnoses and also managing the health status of patients as well as households over a period of time. What is more, a key aspect of difference is that a nursing informaticist has to have informatics as a core competence. On the other hand, a NP student is expected to render the full range of health care services to consist of health promotion, disease deterrence, health safety, preventive guidance, counseling, disease management, analgesic, and end of life care (Thomas et al., 2011).

Analyze the similarities and differences in implementation of the competencies within the selected roles

As discussed above, the selected roles are those of the nurse informaticist and NP student. There are similarities and differences in the execution of the competencies within these roles. One of the similarities in the implementation is that they are done in an overall healthcare setting. Basically, this implies that the implementation of these competencies are purposed to improve the general progress of the organization as a whole. Regardless of whether it is direct care or indirect care, the implementation of these core competencies are purposed to improve the health care setting. However, there are major dissimilarities in the implementation of the competencies. To begin with, NP student competencies are set in direct care and therefore are implemented with respect to rendering direct healthcare to consumers and patients. This implementation is done with respect to direct and practical involvement with patients and consumers. On the other hand, nurse informaticists are set in indirect care. Therefore, in this regard, they are not directly involved in the direct health care that is handed to the patient. The implementation is not hand-on or practically involved with the patients (Stanley et al., 2009).


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