Concise Analysis of Health and Wellness Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

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The subsections under this section are as follows: Preparation for Visit, Facts and Directions relating to services at every OSU Medical Center location, Insurance and Billing, Financial Aid, Visitor Information, Amenities and Support Services, Recommendations for family and friends as they provide healing-related support, Requestingrequesting health records or information, and Understanding OSU's no-smoking policy and finding resources for facilitating quitting.

Healthfinder. Retrieved January 6, 2017 from

The award-winning US federal government site -- Healthfinder® - was created by the American DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) in collaboration with other bodies at the federal level. This website provides links to wisely chosen information and the webpages of more than 1800 healthcare-related entities. Its health library component enables visitors to alphabetically browse for topics on the broad areas of health and disease prevention, alternative medicine, ailments and conditions, etc.

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Healthfinder presents resources pertaining to a broad array of health-related subjects to website visitors, thus bringing the most dependable and best health information. Its maintenance-free, user-friendly subject syndication allows visitors to even include easily-readable, evidence-based, and actionable health-related facts to their own web pages. The free National Health Information Center service delivers award-winning matter on alphabetically organized health topic sections. Visitors will also be able to customize material from the site to make it match their web pages' feel and appearance.

Its free content has been offered in the form of: Individual wellness and health related topics; and customized lists of preventive medical service suggestions produced depending on visitor-entered pregnancy status, age, gender, etc.

Annotated Bibliography on A Concise Analysis of Health and Wellness Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Alphabetic health topics provided the latest health and illness prevention information covering over 115 topics. These facts have been contributed by several DHHS agencies, like the NIH (National Institutes of Health), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The information is translated by site developers into simple, actionable health content capable of reinforcing all digital platforms.

Medline Plus. Retrieved January 6, 2017 from

This NIH and National Library of Medicine (the biggest global medical library) service comprises of a large, comprehensive pool of simple content on health-connected matters. Interactive Patient Education Institute tutorials (Flash Player needed) have been provided for several topics. These prove valuable for site visitors limited by low literacy levels.

The site is aimed at patients, as well as their kith and kin. It presents free, easily understandable, latest, dependable health information, anywhere and anytime. The site can help visitors find out about new therapies, supplements and medicines, play medical videos, study illustrations, and understand meanings of medical terms. The site also provides links to disease/medical condition related clinical trials and health research.

The site possesses comprehensive information on more than 975 health conditions and ailments, gleaned from trustworthy sources. Its other features include: directories, Spanish-language health-related content, medical dictionary, medical encyclopedia, health information provided by media sources and comprehensive information on non-prescription and prescription medicines.

Medicinenet. Retrieved January 6, 2017 from

An AmericanAlliedAmerican Allied Health Professional and Board Certified Physician network of over seventy members presents latest, extensive, easily-readable medical information to web users via a web-based, healthcare content publishing firm - Medicinenet. The key topics are: health conditions and ailments, examinations and procedures, latest information and news, drugs, and medical terminology.

The sound, interactive and user-friendly site first launched in the year 1996 and offers authoritative, detailed medical information. Its medical team comprises of uniquely-experienced, highly qualified leaders in the health, medical, IT, business and internet sectors who provide visitors with the most coveted and all-encompassing healthcare information available anywhere. The nationally-accepted, physician-created site is definitely a trustworthy web-based source of medical and health information. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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