Concise Analysis of Importance of HR Research Paper

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The authors take into account the impact of different vital success factors including leadership role, organizational culture, KM strategy, practices and activities, training and education, information technology, and motivation and rewarding system, on organizational performance. This is undertaken through a survey of the framework of four perspectives of the balance scored card (BSC) approach. Outcomes of the study indicated that knowledge management practices positively and profoundly influence general organizational performance. However, the authors are keen to point out that the influence is significant solely concerning the dimension of growth and learning, but is insignificant with respect to other dimensions.

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Research study by Berry (2015) indicates that knowledge management practices, and how knowledge disseminates to subsidiaries, has an impact on their performance and that of the organization as a whole. The study indicates that knowledge transference from the parent firm to subsidiaries and foreign operations demonstrates that it boosts their performances, which is constructive to organizational performance. In addition, it has been established that that knowledge management completely facilitates the influence of organizational culture on organizational success, and to some extent arbitrates the influence of organizational structure and strategy on organizational success. In general, this study propagates research and understanding of knowledge management by examining when transferences of parent technological and managerial knowledge are more probable to advance the performance of foreign operations in gradually internationally competitive industries.

Summary and Conclusion

Research Paper on A Concise Analysis of Importance of HR Assignment

Over the past two decades, knowledge management has advanced from an up-and-coming notion to a progressively common and important function in organizations. Similarly, this has been a period of rapid and continuous technological progression and advancement. Therefore, organizations have had a hard time maintaining a competitive advantage within their industries. Knowledge management also takes into consideration approaches, cultural principles and workflow within the firm. To exploit its value, there needs to be a change in strategies, practices, organizational structures and technologies (Rasula et al., 2012). Amongst the most discussed areas in knowledge management has been the correlation between knowledge and firm performance, but an absence of understanding and unanimity continues to be a key issue. This paper attempted to draw the relationship that exists between knowledge management and organizational performance. Knowledge management practices within an organization can be defined by knowledge acquisition, knowledge dissemination and lastly receptiveness towards knowledge. However, the acquisition and responsiveness to knowledge management are deemed more significant. Overall, the literature taken into consideration establishes that utilizing practices of knowledge management is a major driver for innovation. a further revelation is that KM practices have a direct correlation with organizational performance, which has a positive impact on financial performance; this gives the organization a competitive advantage over others (Inkinen, 2016).


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