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Through philosophy, I now understand that some of my beliefs were wrong, others were not contradictory, and others need to be investigated further to prove if they are true or not. This has obviously caused significant disruption in my life as some of the beliefs I held as true provided me with a feeling of certainty and comfort in my life.

An example of how the study of philosophy has changed my life so far is that with the little knowledge I have gained in epistemology, I now think more logically or rationally. This is because epistemology has given me a different perspective on how to look at things. Before speaking or arguing with others over what I believe, I now realize that I have to examine the source of my beliefs, the extent of my knowledge in that matter, the reliability of that belief, and whether that belief can withstand logical scrutiny. According to Socrates, we as humans need to think outside the box. We need to be critical in our outlook and to think beyond the normal phrases and concepts. This way, we will be able to find out the truth faster or know more about our beliefs and whether or not to investigate them further to find out whether they are true or not (The Focusing Institute, 2012).

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Metaphysics investigates reality. As we go through our lives, one of the things at the top of almost everyone's mind is whether or not what they believe is real. As a student of philosophy my concerns go even further back. With my little knowledge about metaphysics, I now know that even the existence of reality itself is questionable. Still, there are some things which are definitely real and there is a process we can use to be sure about that. The process involves using our senses and measuring devices. However, another important thing I have learned so far is to question whether everything real is detectable. According to Plato, when we think outside the box, our definitions, beliefs and concepts keep changing but this doesn't necessarily mean that what we believe is not true. More thinking or investigation could point us in the same direction or a different and even better one (Pecorino, 2000).

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Moral philosophy deals with three questions: emotive, relative or objective. We all live with some sort of inbuilt sense of good and bad. However, what informs this moral sense in us? Should we think of moral sense as exclusively influenced by cultural or personal preferences, or should there be further investigation into moral beliefs and feelings to see whether they are not influenced by religious choices, and if they are then what are proofs? According to Descartes the world we live in cannot be the same as that presented by science. In life, Descartes wished to be a morally upright person and to live quietly in the Greek society. This indicates that he might have struggled or been struggling with moral decisions in the past (The Focusing Institute, 2012). This sub-discipline of philosophy brings light to many questions that we might have about our morality, nature, and religious beliefs.

As you can see, there is so much to learn about philosophy. These are just some of the core aspects of the discipline. They encourage the learner to think more critically about what he or she knows and how he or she can think to find solutions to difficult problems and answers to life questions.


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