concise Analysis of Racism and Status Essay

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Our past generations passed many laws to us; they got them from the generations before them. They were good laws. We were told to act towards people as they acted towards us; to never take the first step in breaking a deal. We were also told that being untruthful was a disgrace, and that we were only supposed to tell the truth. We learnt that it was wrong to steal another man's wife or any other property and fail to pay. In addition, we were told of the existence of a Great Spirit that hears, sees and remembers everything. We were also told that in future, the Spirit would give a spirit dwelling to every person with regard to the person's desserts: good people would get good homes while bad people would get bad dwellings. Joseph said that he believed in this, and so did his people (Joseph, 1879).

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Due to the great spite for the Chinese among the people of California, there was a Chinese merchant group from San Francisco which asked Congress to deal with their grievances. One merchant, Pun Chi, scribbled a Chinese statement, which was read in English by a missionary, William Speer. He was a Presbyterian who was working in Chinatown. The merchant pointed out the various ways in which California life had betrayed the Chinese immigrants' hopes and went against the fundamental rules of human life. He said that they came from China, and we are all there for a profession or job, including farmers, merchants, literary men and mechanics. After California became a territory, foreigners were allowed to look for gold and also become traders. However, the California's natives occupied our republic, went against your law's equality principle, tampered with our customs and values, and told us that your people and officers were friendly towards our people. However, we presume that the way the justice officers behave here is under the influence of temporary favouritisms and that the government is not going to implement their acts. We live with the faith that compassion of your prominent government, looking at all the people of this world as a big family, will definitely not allow the blameless Chinese population to go through that much suffering (Chi, 1870).

V. Conclusion

TOPIC: Essay on A concise Analysis of Racism and Status Assignment

Therefore, the opinions regarding immigration, imperialism and wealth distribution support humanity. There have been slow improvements over time. In the past decades, there have been intensive neoliberal restructuring, which entails opening the economies of countries to global capital as well as erosion of guarantees and rights previously won through organized labour. The neoliberal rules have brought most people to informal and flexible working conditions. They have also led to a problem in masculinised labour, the fall of provision of welfare to the poor, and privatization of collective and public property like housing, education and land. For this reason, there has been intensives violence; both individual and structural, and poverty is linked to the female gender (Motta, Fominaya, Eschle, & Cox, 2011).

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Although the world in general and its majority of people have moved ahead with free thinking and embracing humanity, a look back at our history would tell how much the people have struggled in combating for their identity and status; the most popular of the issues include imperialism, skewed wealth distribution and imposing biased immigration regulations.


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