Concise Analysis of Research Methodologies A-Level Outline Answer

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Lastly, ratio data considers the group of teenagers that undergo rehabilitation and the group that do not.

Module 3

Briefly describe the primary role of Literature Review in a "quantitative" research study and the primary role of Literature Review in a "qualitative" research study

Literature review serves key purposes in qualitative research. First, the literature review reveals the underlying assumptions behind the research questions that are fundamental to the research proposal. Second, the literature review offers a manner in which a novice researcher is able to persuade the proposal reviewers that she is well-informed about the associated research and the intellectual customs that support the proposed study. Third, the literature review offers the researcher a chance to ascertain any gap that might exist in the body of literature and offer a justification for how the proposed study might add to the existing body of knowledge. Lastly, the literature review facilitates the researcher in filtering the research questions, entrenching them in guiding hypotheses that offer conceivable directions the researcher might follow (Gay et al., 2006).

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On the other hand, the key purpose of literature review in quantitative research is to provide comprehensive exploration of the accessible materials concerning the subject of the research and associated information. It offers the researcher with pertinent background of the preceding research studies and offers the clarity of the conclusion in definite manner and give clear recommendations for forthcoming research in the field of study (Johnson and Christensen, n.d).

Illustrate such roles of literature review using one of your quantitative questions and you qualitative question from Module 2 Case assignment

Qualitative Question: To what extent do administrators use behavior data to improve student success in school and in society?

A-Level Outline Answer on A Concise Analysis of Research Methodologies Assignment

The role of literature review in this case is to outline the fundamental assumptions of the magnitude in which administrators employ behavior data. Secondly, it also plays the role of informing the researcher of the existing gaps in understanding this particular phenomenon.

Quantitative Question: What are the patient and nurse outcomes of bedside nursing report implementation?

The role of literature review in this study would be to offer relevant information from past research studies regarding outcomes beside nursing report. It also delineates the recommendations necessary for future research studies.

Discuss in what ways such roles are different and similar

The key difference between these roles is that literature review in qualitative study is not exhaustive whereas quantitative study is completely exhaustive.

Module 4

Quantitative, qualitative and mixed research and provide the methods you would use to collect data

1. Qualitative Research

Qualitative research delineates the type and quality of a subject whereas interpreting and endeavoring to understand an occurrence. The data collection methods in qualitative research include focus groups, individual interviews, and observations.

2. Quantitative Research

Quantitative research utilizes numbers to examine and test hypotheses and make predictions by using measured amounts and in the end delineate an occurrence by using figures. The data collection methods for this research include action research, focus groups, interviews and ethnography.

3. Mixed Research

Mixed research incorporates and integrates qualitative and quantitative data. The methods of collecting data include open-ended and closed-ended interviews, surveys, and random sampling (Creswell, 2013).

An example of a mixed research question is: What are the issues in obtaining services for those that are impacted by traumatic injury? Parameters would include kinds of injury, age groups, compensation and length of stay in hospital. The statistical test used would be regression analysis.


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