concise Analysis of Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

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Frost defends his choice and claims "I will be saying this with a sigh" is supportive of this (Ankit Tyagi, 2015).

6. What major literary devices and figures of speech does the poet use to communicate the theme(s)?

Literary Devices (R.B. Edi Pramono, 2013)

i. Most poets use sound devices to express and support the experience and meaning of poetry using sound.

ii. Meter is in most cases significant in poems written in English, with regard to the readers' auditory sense. English literature, particularly poetry, use meter as the stressed/ unstressed or accented/ unaccented syllables of a certain word.

Figure of Speech

The entire poem is metaphorical. Metaphors are used by applying a certain phrase or word to an object, concept or person to which/ whom it cannot be used literally. Therefore, Frost compares the roads in people's lives to those decisions that one is required to make when they arrive at cross-roads. This poem describes actual life decisions as the roads one needs to choose to follow. The roads are used as a metaphor for life decisions. The divergent roads are used metaphorically to describe those times when people are given a chance to make a decision on the direction they will take in life (Sumera Batool, Abdul Bari Khan, Anser Iqbal, Khurram Ali, & Rana Muhammad Haris Rafiq, 2014).

7. How are rhyme and other metrical devices used in the poem? Do they support the poem's overall meaning? Why or why not?

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The title of this poem is used in each of the five line stanzas of the poem. In each of the lines, there are eight to ten syllables that are in a somewhat iambic rhythm. Each of the lines has been written in abaab rhyme. This poem is popular due to its simple symbolism (Ankit Tyagi, 2015).

8. Is the identity of the poem's narrator clear? How would you describe this person? What information, if any, does the author provide about him or her?

Essay on A concise Analysis of Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Assignment

The poem brings out the imagination that the poem's speaker is a traveler who came across divergent roads, and he had to make a choice about both of them. He regrets that he is not able to choose both of the roads. Definitely, the traveler only has one body; he cannot divide it into two parts. As a matter of fact, the two divergent roads have not been described well enough to determine the forms in which they are (R.B. Edi Pramono, 2013).

9. Does the narrator seem to have a certain opinion of or attitude about the poem's subject matter? How can you tell?

Clearly, the term "I," which has been used repetitively and emphatically by the poem's speaker, portrays self-dependence and confidence. In addition, the term "took" has also been used emphatically, as spondee. It gives a strong sense about the traveler feeling convinced about the road he takes. This therefore validates the idea that he did not really celebrate before making his choice. In addition, the term "sigh," which also means taking slow pressed breaths, expresses tiredness. This is quite applicable to the reality of life. When someone goes through a difficult time, and he is eventually able to solve the problem, the person, in most cases, is bound to heave a hard sigh of relief (R.B. Edi Pramono, 2013).



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