concise Analysis of Terry Schiavo Case Chapter

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There was renewed debate with regard to the gains in keeping someone alive at all costs.

Earlier on, before Schiavo sprung to the limelight, A Michigan doctor named Jack Kevorkian was the most known person associated with aided death. He had aided dozens of suicides and was found guilty of second degree murder. While Kevorkian's case highlighted the dark side of individuals' choices to end their own life, the Schiavo case showed how failing to make such choices would push the fate of such individuals to feuding family members, legislators and judges (Sunburn, 2015). Brittany Maynard has rekindled the controversy in end-of-life choices. The newly married lady was found to suffer from terminal brain cancer. She has moved to Oregon from California to exploit the state's physician-assisted suicide legal provision.

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Chapter on A concise Analysis of Terry Schiavo Case Assignment

Persistent vegetative state has two aspects of possible recovery. There is the recovery of function and the recovery of consciousness. The latter can be ascertained by a patient's demonstration of being aware of what goes on around them, reliable and consistent response to auditory and visual stimuli and general interaction with others. Functional recovery, on the other hand, is shown by communication acts, demonstrating the ability to learn something new, moving, and caring for oneself, participation in social or vocational activities and performing tasks of adaptive nature (Medical Aspects of the Persistent Vegetative State). It is possible to attain recovery of consciousness without attaining functional recovery but one cannot attain functional recovery without recovery of consciousness. Sometimes, there are no external signs of recovery during recovery of consciousness in some patients. It is important to monitor the consistency and reliability of recovery signs in some of these cases. The cost of caring for patients in a vegetative state is another factor to consider. Although it is hard to estimate the cost of caring for someone constantly in a vegetative state, it has been shown that the estimated hospital care for the initial three months stands at $149, 200. On the other hand, estimates for placing such a patient in a long-term skilled medical care facility is said to be in the range of $350 daily and over $126,000 per year to $500 every day or $180, 000 annually. The estimates for caring for children in vegetative state at home stand at $129, 000 per year for the initial year and $97,000 for subsequent years (Medical Aspects of the Persistent Vegetative State). Rough estimates for both adults and children in persistent vegetative care state stand at between one billion dollars and seven billion dollars. The cost of therapy alone is massive.

When there is no disagreement on the befitting level of care and treatment, physicians should supply family members, nurses and all those caring for the patient with clear written instruction regarding the treatments that can be given to the patient and which ones should not. The hygiene and dignity of the patient must be maintained at all times. In case the patient is to be treated in aggressive fashion, nursing care and medical treatment with diligence are necessary to prevent and handle the complications that could arise from serious brain damage. The quality of medical care and treatment influences the survival of patients in persistent vegetative state to some degree (Medical Aspects of the Persistent Vegetative State). There is need for daily exercise among these patients to prevent a range of complications including the formation of limb contractures. Frequent changing of position helps to prevent the occurrence of decubitus ulcers. Aspiration pneumonia and a healthy airway patency can be prevented and ensured with a tracheostomy procedure. Other care routines include bowel and bladder care, monitoring of the pulmonary and urinary tract and treatment with antibiotics as required, placement of one of a range of feeding tubes for nutrition and rehydration. In this case, I would side with the court's decision


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