Concise Analysis of Tooth Abscess Essay

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, 2013).

Radiographically and clinically, the revitalization was a success as the signs and symptoms of periacal lesion were absent. The canal walls also gotthicker and root development had occurred normally. The canal's tissue was mineralized well and a bone-like tissue was identified during the immune-histochemistry and histology. There weren't any pulp-like tissues characterized by there being polarized odontoblast-like cells surrounding dentim-like tissue (Shimizu, et al., 2013; McNally et al., 2015).

The reasons for infections of the dental root canals becoming symptomatic and evolving to spread severely to an extent they pose threat to life have not been found yet. Studies have been done and they have made use of methods in advanced molecular microbiology as well as culture to identify the place of anaerobic bacteria in the process. The abundance and richness of the species can result in a strong network among the members of the community and so lead to a very rampant pathogenesis which leads to acute infections. Further, disease modifiers like factors specific to the host can also influence how fast and severe acute abscesses develop (Siquerria Jr. & Rocas, 2013).

3. From a primary care perspective, as a nurse practitioner, what would management of the patient include?

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Following the cleaning procedure, the pocket depths surrounding the teeth will be checked by the dentist on completion of the cleaning exercise. Further treatment will be informed by the results of previous sessions (American Accreditation HealthCare Commission, 2015):

i. Where the process led to inflammation reducing, only observation is needed.

ii. Where there is abscess, there might be need for surgery

Nursing Management Practices

Essay on A Concise Analysis of Tooth Abscess Assignment

Airway management is an important part of patient care when they are on mechanical ventilation. It involves several parts including oral suctioning and hygiene, endotracheal suctioning as well as taking good care of the endotracheal tubes. The responsibility of airway management is often shared by respiratory care personnel and registered nurses. Registered nurses should be knowledgeable about current practices that can help them execute evidence-based practices to best care for patients who are on mechanical ventilation. Nurses are responsible for administering oral antisepsis (Lou Sole & Bennet, 2014).

Nurses should ensure optimal mouth care for dependent older adults. Where adequate mouth care is lacking in a facility housing adult dependent patients, the situation is worsened and the burden on the facility increases. It is not only a nursing practice that benefits the patient; it also benefits the facility by lifting the burden of the disease. Clinicians and medics of all kinds should be dedicated to finding and implementing high-quality care practices. Good oral care results in greater awareness and results to increased efficiency in care giving. Nurses, as well as management, have a role in ensuring accountability for intervention procedures as well as care practices. Nurses pushing for an integrated approach to handling care issues, including oral care, are a sustainable way to ensure health care facilities stick to proposed nursing management practices.


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Shimizu, E., Riccuci, D., Albert, J., Alobaid, A., Gibbs, J., Huang, G.,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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