Concise Analysis of A World with no Protections Essay

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Without the EPA, pollution would occur to an even greater extent, making the problem even more difficult to reverse. The only way out would for nature to adjust to chemicals. However, such an adjustment according to Carson would require several generations (330). Even if the adjustment was by any chance possible, it would be fruitless since hundreds of new chemicals are produced every year. Without the EPA, more and more chemicals would be produced, making adjustment futile. Already the use of chemicals in agriculture and manufacturing is a threat to human and animal life. The threat would be unimaginable if the current environmental regulations are not enforced as stringently as they have been before. Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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The increased use of chemicals presents the risk of extinction. The sprays and aerosols used in farms, gardens, forests, and homes kill not only the “bad” insects and pest, but also the “good” ones (Carson 330). In fact, not every insect is bad. With greater use of chemicals, more insects will be killed, and eventually wiped out from the face of the earth. While pests and insects may hamper plant growth and crop production, they play important roles in the natural ecosystem. They help in pollination, soil aeration, insect control (some insects feed on other insects), and decomposition. Moreover, insects are a major source of food for certain animals. The significance of these processes for the health of ecosystems cannot be overemphasised. If more and more insects are eliminated, there may be nothing left to decompose matter, pollinate plants, aerate the soil, and for organisms that survive on insects to feed. Human life will be in even greater danger as activities such as agricultural production will be adversely affected.

Essay on A Concise Analysis of A World with no Protections Assignment

Greater use of chemicals presents the risk of extinction to not only insects, but also organisms that live on land and in water ecosystems (Carson 330-331). As more chemicals are washed into water bodies, more aquatic organisms like fish will face an existential crisis. Their habitats will become more toxic, ultimately increasing the risk of endangerment. As for land animals, the consumption of toxin-rich vegetation will increase diseases and deaths. In the end, land organisms may have nothing to feed on, increasing the threat of extermination. Essentially, it may only be a matter of time before everything is no more.

Overall, though widespread pollution still remains, EPA’s regulations have made tremendous progress in restoring natural ecosystems. There is now lesser use of chemicals, pollution of the environment, and destruction of natural habitats. Nonetheless, with a different stance on environmental issues, Trump’s administration is a major blow to the gains the agency has made. Budget cuts point to a gloomy future for the agency. If the administration proceeds with its environmental ideology, far more elements of the natural world will be endangered in the near future. Several forms of life – plants and animals – have already become extinct mostly as a result of environmental pollution and destruction. With Trump’s policies, it may not be long before everything becomes extinct. His policies are likely to reduce the impetus to protect human health and the environment, consequently posing a greater threat to human and animal life. Trump’s views and policies on the environment must not be given a chance. If the environment is to be conserved for future generations, the EPA must remain intact.

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