Concrete Why These 3 Pieces Term Paper

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Why these 3 pieces of concrete equipment are so important to the concrete industry

Concrete batch plants mix the materials that are turned into concrete. Mobile concrete batch plants enable the concrete to be mixed at a construction site. The use of mobile batch plants reduces costs for setup and trucking. Portable plants, an even smaller kind of mobile batch plant, can be assembled in a matter of hours. "Having the ability to break down the plant and quickly move to another location has significant benefits, particularly when dealing with larger or longer jobs. Mobile batch plants can cut the haul distance, which saves money, wear and tear, and means fewer trucks to further disrupt an already congested stretch of roadway (Paving the way with better batch plants," 2003, Concrete Construction). Cement mixers are usually built in the traditional 'revolving drum' style, when less concrete is at the construction site.

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Term Paper on Concrete Why These 3 Pieces of Concrete Assignment

Concrete is always subject to the wear and tear of the environment. Thus reinforcing the concrete with rods, usually of some noncorrosive material such as steel, is essential. Chemical treatment of the concrete… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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