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The changing economic conditions all across the globe has also affected America and its people due to which several issues are emerging in the country. The people of America are facing issues in the context of health, finance, and spirituality causing the development of psychological distress. The incident of Benghazi has also caused the disturbance in the psychological conditions of people in America (Arnett 603). The paper is discussing the recent conditions of America in these aspects so as to understand every possible way of understanding the issues and the implications for solving the issues.

Financial Conditions in America

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It can be said that the financial conditions of a large majority of Americans is distressing as their incomes are not at all sufficient to fulfill their basic needs. The collapsing economy has put huge American families under significant monetary stress and has compelled them to live from one paycheck to another. According to several surveys, the financial conditions of U.S. citizens is continually declining due to shortage of jobs and elevating prices of household goods. The Federal Reserve estimates the household debt including mortgage debt to be approximately about $13.7 trillion. Many American people can face perilous balance sheets with the decline of their household assets in 2008 (Harrell 43). The unemployment conditions cause people to deal with significant debt, as they are more likely to report health issues. It has been found that the people suffering terribly due to the debts and the health are likely to be negatively influenced (Arnett 607).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Condition of America Assignment

Unemployed people in America are most likely to experience psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms and poor self-esteem. According to an estimate, at present 42% of the U.S. citizens are jobless whereas the average annually pay scale of labor has fallen to $26, 261 (Synder, 2011). Another alarming fact about the U.S. economic conditions is that only 5% of American households have been able to cope up with the dramatically increasing living costs in the country (Synder, 2011). According to CNN Money, American public is approximately $7 trillion poorer as compared to their financial status in 2006. A survey undertaken by Newsweek revealed that 20% of men within the age bracket of 25-55 are not employed. A study carried out in 2010 indicated that currently 21% of all children in the U.S. are living below poverty line. The underemployment people are unequally distributed across the population of America with women, younger workers, and African-Americans as higher rates of involuntary part time employment and low pay are reported (Mollen, Ruiter and Kok 267). The hiring and retaining of employees has become so costly in the country that many Small and Medium Enterprises are outsourcing labor from other developing countries which is giving rise to economic unrest. The higher rates of reporting are also observed for the discouraged workers as they have given up on searching for better jobs. Poor employment conditions not only affects people who are jobless but also those who experience heavier work load and suffer from anxiety. In America, unemployment does not only affect unemployed individuals but also communities and families (Kraft and Yardley 617).

It has been found that the stress of unemployment in America can lead to decline in well- being of families and individuals. The burden of unemployment can affect children's mental and physical health in negative manner. The stress and depressive symptoms related to loss of jobs can also negatively affect the parenting practices. This leads to more distress and depressive symptoms in children, which is linked to different negative results including physical health issues, academic issues, and increased risk of suicide. The current situation in America is burdened with the potential to influence overall emotional well-being of society (Harrell 45-49).

Impact of Financial Conditions in Future

Unemployment has caused financial conditions of America to worsen with the passage of time and it may have a terrifying effect in the near future. It is observed that the well-being is low not only for currently unemployed people in USA but for those with higher levels of unemployment in past. During this period, the human capital and working skills of unemployed people in America can become outdated, which can make them less employable and cause them to lose motivation in future (Dykens 187-189). Many households in U.S. are getting more and more into debt for fulfilling their basic needs or coping up with any financial emergency. This is leading to higher levels of frustration among the people and thus, a social turmoil. Unemployed people in America facing financial issues lose their income due to which they can have greater difficulty in making plans for the future that can cause psychological distress. The reason behind this condition of American people in recent financial conditions is the belief in people for having meaningful determination aligned with their personal values and goals. It has been argued that aid employment can help enable people in future to fulfill their essential psychological needs leading to higher levels of distress (Kraft and Yardley 617).

Recommendations for Overcoming Financial Conditions in America

In order to overcome the negative psychological impact of current financial environment in America, it is recommended that people in America should care about the symptoms of psychological distress. The people in America are recommended to try to keep things in perspectives for recognizing the aspects of life with the help of family members and friends (Harrell 46-50). It is obvious that support of family members and friends can enable the unemployed people of America to retain hope for the future. The strengthening conditions with family members and friends can provide important emotional support to people, who have lost their job or those, who are facing stress in their employment routine. The development of employment skills in accordance with the technological advancements can provide a practical and effective means of addressing financial difficulties (Mollen, Ruiter and Kok 268-269).

Impact of Recommendations on Current Psychological Conditions of American People

The recommended implications for the American people to overcome the psychological distress can have positive impact on the unemployed people. The unemployed people in America due to the financial distress can feel positive changes in their lives influencing the ways to lead their unemployed life in effective manner (Kim, Sherman and Taylor 564). Job losses and lack of better employment opportunities have caused people to lose hope for future, which in turn is affecting every aspect of their social life. It means that the provided recommendations in the above section for the American people facing unemployment in this era can consider ways to make most out of the time they spend during their unemployment. The people in America can consider voluntary work or trying to find small work to spend few minutes or hours while working. This can help unemployed people in America to tackle the issues of financial disasters in the economy causing life to become steady and stable (Arnett 604).

Changes in Recommendations for American People

The changes in the recommendations for the American people in this recent era can include the providence of skills and tactics to the people for using the enhanced technologies. The use of technological advancements can be provided with the help of different voluntary campaigns. It is also suggested for the recent financial conditions that the provided recommendations can be changed in such a way that the government of U.S. can provide the opportunities to overcome the issues of Benghazi incident (Kraft and Yardley 615-617). This incident caused the negative influence on the society regarding the protection and employment opportunities. The government of America is required to change the thinking and perceptions of people towards the assurance of secured workplace (Mollen, Ruiter and Kok 267).

Impact of Changes in Recommendations

The changes in recommendations to overcome the recent financial issues of this era can enable the people of America to regain confidence and trust on the government. This can also lead the people to perceive psychological relief from the stress and distress caused due to unemployment. It can be said that the changes in recommendations can lead thinking of people to obtain benefits from every little work. The economy of America can improve its productivity and output gradually at slow speed (Dykens 187-189).

Health Conditions in America

The recent health conditions in America after the Benghazai incident mainly include high level of depression among the American people. The depression is associated with distress and it can lead people to impairments in mental and social functioning. It has been found that the presence of depressive disorders among people of America adversely affects the treatment and causes the complications in treatment of other chronic diseases. It can be said that the depression and other mental health issues for the people of America in this recent era have gained focus from the health community. The symptoms of depression among people of America in the workplace can be recognized by the decline in productivity, lack of cooperation, and complains of unexplained pains… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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