Conference Proposal Supervision Type of Program: Roundtable Term Paper

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Conference Proposal Supervision

Type of Program: Roundtable

Multicultural Approach to Contemporary Supervision

Program Description

With the continuing spread and domination of globalization in contemporary business, it is crucial for managerial practices to be able to keep up in an increasingly multicultural environment. The modern business environment presents issues in dealing with the extreme diversity within its working population. Understanding the need for sensitivity to this growing diversity is now a crucial element for successful supervision.

As such, the goals for this program are to introduce supervisors to this growing diversity in a practical manner in order to provide tools for them to utilize in their own unique working environments. A presentation of unique environmental and cultural factors to supervisors will strengthen their ability to cope with the diverse factors they encounter in their managerial roles. This will then strengthen the quality of leadership and efficiency to meet organizational goals.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Conference Proposal Supervision Type of Program: Roundtable Assignment

In order to achieve such goals, the delivery of the program will center on a semi-structured roundtable presentation. The topic will be introduced and then expanded based on a thorough presentation of the literature in the current discourse regarding the nature of the need for cultural sensitivity within supervisor roles and relations. This will help facilitate a discussion between participants, where the leader guides each individual to finding their own unique way of implementing a more multicultural approach to their own supervisory… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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