Confidentiality of Health Care Term Paper

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Confidentiality in Healthcare

One of the most important elements of medical care is the ethical non-disclosure agreement between doctor and patient. This agreement is in place to ensure that patients will have the freedom to be absolutely honest with their physicians. Frequently the lives of patients depend upon the insurance of confidentiality, which ensures that patients will release all the information necessary to be treated in a targeted and effective way. The American Medical Association has provided very clear guidelines for doctor-patient confidentiality and its maintenance, particularly as relevant to computer databases. General guidelines for the relationship between physicians and their patients, along with the maintenance of their confidentiality levels are addressed by the E-5.059, E-7.02 and E-10.01 forms on the AMA online database.

The E-5.07 form of the AMA medical ethics guide that deals with computer confidentiality states that it is important to date- and time-stamp any changes to confidential medical information on the computer-based patient record. This would naturally include corrections to such records. Furthermore, the record should also show who made the changes, and such changes should only be made by authorized personnel. This serves the important purpose of keeping the patient informed on relevant changes and corrections to his or her medical information.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Confidentiality of Health Care Assignment

2. Both the patient and the physician responsible for treatment should be advised of the existence of computerized databases prior to its creation and storage by computer personnel. Furthermore, the patient should also be informed of all the persons and entities with any access to this information via the database. The specific level of access, along with the names of the persons or entities should also be released to the patient prior to releasing the information relating to the database. The reason for this measure is to obtain the informed consent of the patient for the disclosure of his or her confidential information to the parties involved, according to the ethical AMA standard.

3. Both the patient and physician should be notified of purging procedures before and after purging takes place. An important aspect of this is that the patient's records should also not be mixed with those of other computer service bureau clients, regardless of the status of the information as archaic or incorrect. Measures to protect the records being purged should be implemented during the process.

4. To provide optimal protection of privacy, the computerized medical database should be online to the terminal only when computer programs with the necessary authorization, and specifically requiring the data, are in use. No person or entity outside of the clinical facility should have access to any online computerized database with medical records of patients who can be identified via the program. This ensures continued doctor-patient confidentiality, which belongs to the patient according to standard medical ethics, as well as the law.

5. The bureau should provide the physician with verification of destroyed or erased records. The physician is primarily… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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