Conflict Management Case Studies Case Study

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Conflict Management Case Studies

Conflict management is a very important subject that captures many people's attention since it is inevitable. For people to coexist in harmony there, has to be a system where their differences are solved amicably. One of the ways people can resolve their conflicts is through simple talking, which most people shy away from. Conflict normally arises because of the huge division in our present society; the current generations are brought up and never given the opportunity to interact with others socially, therefore, in their adult life they develop problems trying to cope with different ethnics, racial or religious groups. Conflict also can arise from any environment; many situations have led to development of conflicts among people Abigail & Cahn, 2010.

For instance, there is political divide (conservatives vs. liberals), gender gaps, social classes, and age barriers among others. These entire situations do not create a conducive environment for harmony to exist. Therefore, there is a need to embrace communication at all levels since it is one of the best ways of solving conflicts.

Conflict situation 1

The conflict theory discussed in this situation is Social exchange theory Abigail & Cahn, 2010.

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The cause of the conflict is the contribution of one of the partners in this relationship does not satisfy the other partner. The partner who's working to make ends meet feels more drained as the rewards in the relationship are less than the cost incurred. Weighing the efforts put into the relationship, the working partner is in conflict because the partner had not adhered to their agreement when they were getting married as they were supposed to contribute to satisfy each other's needs.

TOPIC: Case Study on Conflict Management Case Studies Assignment

The conflict can be resolved by both partners working to satisfy each other's needs and expectations. Both partners must hold onto their end of the deal and show commitment. Communication between the partners plays a big role in ensuring mutual understanding and agreement. Yes, I have ever been in such a situation where my girlfriend was used to being provided for by me without bringing in any resourceful support into the relationship. I felt drained, and we broke up.

Conflict situation 2

The conflict theory in question is the Psychodynamic theory- Displaced conflict. In this situation, the real cause of the conflict is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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