Conflict and Negotiation Examples Term Paper

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There could be no stronger embodiment of inspirational vision where leaders and followers share common values.

His demonstration elicits immediate admiration, however, his men end up nourished only by their trust.

For Shaw to command effectively, he must understand his men.

We may wish to control or influence the behavior of others in conflict, and we want, therefore, to know how the variables that are subject to our control can affect their behavior" (Schelling, 1980, p. 4).

Shaw engages Rawlins' help in understanding the needs of his men. He is motivated to do the right thing. He sees that they need shoes and uniforms. Through his actions, Shaw illustrates traits of a transformational leader.

Shaw exhibits conflicting loyalties, between his friendships and his duty. He is conflicted when faced with courts martial under the command of Colonel Montgomery. He is unwilling to take the chance that Montgomery will separate him from his command and his men. In response, his decision is to comply with Montgomery's orders to burn the town. Could his response have been different? Should it have been? In the longer view, he was able to uncover enough evidence against Montgomery to force his requests for action on his commanding officer. It is unfortunate that he had to employee tactics such as these.

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Conflict resolution takes many forms. One hopes that one does not find oneself in a situation where one can only obtain resolution through deceit. Shaw demonstrates the ability to use several tactics to negotiate through conflict. Some are not as desirous as others are, but one doubts that the real world holds less opportunity for using the variety of tactics Shaw employs in the movie.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Conflict and Negotiation Examples of Assignment

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