Conflict Resolution Describe the Basic Features Term Paper

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Conflict Resolution

Describe the basic features and tenants of the process

The cafe conversation is one of the creative processes for leading collaborative dialogue (Hemmati 145). The process allows knowledge sharing among various group members. The method has a basic feature where the environment is a set up like a cafe, which has a small table arranged in a circular manner. Arranging the table in a circular manner helps in creating a sense of community where every member feels free to contribute his ideas. After people sit around the table, the next step is introduction where people introduce themselves by stating their names and the reason why they are participating in the process. This forms round one of the conversation. After the introduction, the host provides guidelines and boundaries that will guide the entire process. During round two of the conversation, each person of the group holds the talk objects at their respective turn. During this round, the group members respond to any emanating issue in their own turn. After the end of this round, people speak in no particular order. In this case, during this stage everyone participates in a spirited dialogue. After the spirited dialogue, the next process is the closing step where the host asks everyone to say what lesson they have learnt from the conversation.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Conflict Resolution Describe the Basic Features and Assignment

Some of the theoretical presuppositions are that people involved in the conversation will use the principle of rational decision making to present their view. In this case, it can be assumed that people will present their open-minded ideas on the issue under discussion in the conversation. According to the theory of rational decision-making, it is evident that each person will present their own ideas based on the rational actor, which is their own personal interest and maxim utility. It is, therefore, evident that most of the decision presented will be what an individual wants in their life as well as the different constrains that one perceives. Another major theoretical presupposition of the process is the social exchange theory. According to this theory, people only feel free to share certain information only after there is enough satisfaction of both people's self-interest. In this case, people will only tend to share information during the process when they feel that they will benefit from the conversation. Most importantly, it is evident that the process relies on the principles of sincerity where everyone speaks only on the issues of their own perspective.

Moreover, the conversation is likely to present a deeper meaning to some of the issues and facilitate collective tapping of knowledge. In this case, there is a chance that the conversation will allow better understanding of a certain issue. For instance, the collective knowledge presented by the conversation can allow people to interpret what things different laws regulate. Considering the discrimination against the disabled act then the process may enable people to look at a different perspective with regard to the law where people might raise the different aspect that the law is applicable (Lessig 130).

Describe the range of public issues, values and/or problems it can be used to address

Various issues are evident in the conversation ranging from local news to global news. For instance, in the local news the conversation may involve police and one of the vulnerable communities where it can help bring out to present some of the problems that the members of the society are facing. In this case, a conversation involving the police might help in presenting some of the possible ways for helping strengthen trust between the two groups. Moreover, the cafe conversation may also involve a situation where people are trying to discuss some national issues such as certain legislation. In addition, the conversation cafe may also help in addressing some of the global challenges such as terrorism and hence help enlighten the group members.

Describe what you see as the most important benefits of the process and what some of its limitations

The first benefit of this method is that it allows people to contribute their opinion first towards the conversation. In this case, all the other members in the conversation are able to listen to what each member has to say when one's turn arrives in the first, second rounds and before the close of the conversation. According to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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