Conflict Resolution Management Message Strategies Research Paper

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Conflict Resolution and Management Strategies



Conflict can be defined as a disagreement between two or more persons or groups on any particular issue/issues. It is a situation in which one person or group perceives that its interests are opposed by other person or group. Conflict can be defined differently in different situation; it can be a war, an opportunity or a journey (Buchnan & Huczynski, 1997).

Conflicts are also very common in organizations in the form of clashes that occur when the behaviour of one group frustrates or blocks the goals of another group of the organization (Buchnan & Huczynski, 1997). The conflicts in an organization can be between management-management, management-employees or employees-employees. Organizational conflicts must be resolved in order to grow, survive and make the required changes. According to a survey conducted by the American Management Association, 24% time of the managers during a working day is spent in resolving conflicts (Guttman, 2004).

Pattern of Communication in Conflict Management

People respond to differences of opinions with different reactions. There are different ways to deal with the differences; ignoring the differences, embracing differences, fighting differences and transforming differences. However, when differences become a problem, conflict needs to resolve with the help of strategies and management styles.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Conflict resolution takes place when the conflicting persons or groups are willing to discuss, understand each other's concerns and resolve the conflict despite of disagreements. Conflict resolution strategies can be described in terms of winning and losing. The strategies can be divided into following three categories (Singh, 2008):

1. Win Lose Strategy: In this strategy, one party or group loses and one wins. This strategy is considered as unsatisfactory because there are higher chances of conflict at later stages.

Research Paper on Conflict Resolution Management Message Strategies Assignment

2. Lose-Lose Strategy: A third party is involved to reach to a decision as both parties are lose in making a deal. The decision made by third party is hardly accepted by both conflicting parties.

3. Win-Win Strategy: This strategy results in satisfying outcome for both of the parties as the purpose is to solve the problem of both parties.

Conflict Management Styles

The two different components or behaviors for responding to conflicts are Assertiveness and Cooperation. Assertiveness is a behavior used when trying to resolve own concern while cooperation is behaviour used when understanding or satisfying other party's concerns. These two components are not opposite to each other but are used in different conflict situation and can be divided in to five different management styles (Singh, 2008).

1. Avoid Conflicting:

This management style involves low assertiveness and low cooperation because people who avoid conflicts are less cooperative and unasserted. Many people also avoid conflict because they do not have confidence in their conflict management skills. This management style can be used when the issues are not very important or when no one is ready to take the responsibility. Avoiding skills include ability to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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