Conflict Resolution Paper Importance of Code of Conduct Chapter

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¶ … Values, Ethics, and Morals of Your Childhood and Teenage Years, as Well as Your Current Values, Ethics, and Morals.

Children are often quick to blame others for everything, including their academic failure. In case a child attains poor grades in class, he/she maintains that it is because of an ally who would not cease conversing with them. When you notice the child's muddy shoe prints on the carpet, he/she argues that they belong to the dog. Children at this age don't realize that mistakes are made by everyone. Blaming others is basically their means of evading condemnation and negative outcomes. My parents recognized this and as a kid, I had a similar upbringing. They allowed me to realize that mistakes are made by everyone, and of importance is that one is honest, learns from the circumstances, and attempts to correct the mistakes. They talked about what I would have done differently, how I would improve it, and any related or expected outcomes.

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Whenever I admitted my mistakes, they praised my honesty. They occasionally permitted some occurrences to pass. However, they did not allow my sweet face or pitiable pleadings to influence them not to punish me. So as to be responsible, they made me learn to accept the outcomes of my doings, words and decisions. And, the only means that a child would do so is if the parents maintain consistency with the rules and regulations, which my parents really adhered to (Reece, 2014). up-to-date, I possess the same values and morals of being accountable for my actions and words. I am actually a truthful individual, whom in spite of being wrong, not hold any one else responsible for my mistakes. I accepted the punishment that the University authorities gave me.

How Would You Describe The Priorities In Your Life?

Chapter on Conflict Resolution Paper Importance of Code of Conduct Assignment

We all have different priorities, ambitions, and the things that matter to us; things that we would actually like to accomplish in life. We may not formally write them down, but there exist various things that are of great significance to us. A number of our main concerns may entail shedding off some weight, keeping healthy, progressing in work or schooling, saving for retirement, or bringing up decent kids, and so much more. While we ponder our priorities in life, God wants our main priority and top objective, to be something unique. That major concern should be something greater than keeping healthy, and deeper than retirement savings. It is meant to have more spiritual value than just bringing up children who are successful in life. In fact, those are all nice things, however, as we ponder about our major concern in life, God needs us to look up- to look heavenward, and concentrate on something else that is more meaningful (Schultz, 2004). That being said, my priorities in life are spiritually-oriented.

Discuss How Your Ethics And Values Have Changed Over Time. What Events Precipitated These Changes?

Ethical standards refer to the standards of our surroundings, which are accepted by most individuals. Ethical thinking entails the complex procedure utilized to consider the influence of our undertakings on the people or situations that we serve. Whereas the majority of our decisions are customary, we can surprisingly find ourselves in a dilemma when strange situations unexpectedly happen, and they require an immediate response. The basis of ethical decision-making entails balance and choice; it is actually a guideline of eliminating poor choices and remaining with proper ones (Chmielewski, n.d.). Hence, in the process of making ethical decisions, one of the first questions one should think about is, 'what would a reasonable individual do in such a situation?'

We ought to realize that values are obtained during childhood, and they display themselves as lasting views, which can mould and impact the nature of our own deeds. Values entail emotion, awareness, thought, and even the choice of reaction. Values differ amidst people, and since they control their behaviors, they color the manner through which people regard and react in their own world. It is essential to realize the influence that values have on choices. Even though values actually do change over time, they signify a considerable part of personality. Culture is defined through the values of people, and it offers wide social guidelines for the desired standards (Chmielewski, n.d.).

I would not say that my ethics and values have changed over the years. However, they have improved as I learn from my mistakes, experiences and those of others, as they help me see the world and life itself in a totally different perspective. The military service has also changed my ethics and values over time

Reflect On The Incident That Led To Your Suspension.

Despite having financial constrains, I was pursuing two undergraduate programs and three master's level programs so as to finish my degree. In that context, my decision-making was mainly out of helplessness and despair; hence I posted an ad on searching for an individual who could pursue an online course on my behalf. I did not portray the best of a military officer that I am. Therefore, I accepted the consequence of my actions.

How Did You Stay True To Your Ethics And Values In Making The Decisions You Made Regarding This Incident?

In order to be ethically successful, it is vital that we recognize and respect the manner through which values influence our social surroundings. How we view ourselves and function within our surroundings bare great significance. This is the reason institutions come up with policies of ethical behavior which relate to practice. Institutions assess power and accountability, in addition to frequently auditing their moral decisions, hence molding workers who operate with integrity and honesty when serving not just their institution, but the society at large (Chmielewski, n.d.). I acknowledged my mistake with so much humility and honesty that it did not go unnoticed by the University Board. I accepted and took complete accountability of my wrongdoing, and poor decision-making. Despite this fact, I felt sincere regret for it. I recalled my parent's teachings on truthfulness, and acceptance of mistakes done without holding others accountable; and, I knew just what to do. That was actually what my ethics and values guided me into doing, regarding this incident.

Who Did You Affect With Your Decisions In This Incident?

During my decision-making regarding the issue of someone else pursuing an online course on my behalf, I did not at any instance stop to think about the possible outcomes. However, that was due to the fact that I felt helpless. I wanted to get a higher position in the military, and accompanied with automatic higher studies and the conclusion of my degree, my pay would automatically rise. However, this particular choice poorly reflected my good upbringing, thanks to the training my parent's offered as I grew up, atop the training I received as a military officer. The Board was happy to hear me mention how my actions were not just okay at Northeastern, but also how they went against all that I am, a ranking officer in the military. All through the meeting, they could hear my regret of having made such a wrong decision. They could, on the other hand, not overlook the gravity of this infringement, since it touches on the integrity of not only the Northeastern education, but also a Northeastern student. My decisions did not just affect me, my fiance, and my parents, but also the University at large.

How Could/Did Your Actions Affect Northeastern? What about Your Relationships With Professors?

In suitable sanction determination, the Board assessed the report presented by CPS that incorporated the information I shared at the meeting. It also weighed up the expectations of Northeastern according to the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Policy to help come up with a conclusion. The Student Conduct Board members concurred that, the decision to put an ad online requesting someone to pursue a course for you was a major breach of the expectations. They talked about the likelihood of an expulsion, which they later determined to be too harsh. Hence, they settled on giving a suspension for more than one term. Apart from the suspension, they encouraged me to continue learning from the encounter. This whole occurrence badly influenced the relationship I had with my professors since they initially viewed me as a sincere man who always did the correct thing. They did not think I was capable of committing such an offense. The punishment I received from the Board was totally acceptable, though it wasted lots of my time. However, I learnt from it big time.

What Do You Think Would Happen If All Students Made The Decisions You Made During This Incident?

In case other students made a similar decision, I believe that they would have a great chance to learn from their mistakes and become better persons. It would also be a good example to the other students to follow suit and see mistakes as a perfect way of learning. It… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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