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Likewise, while peer debriefing provides opportunities for self-reflection, nurses may be sensitive about discussing their clinical 'secrets' with peers for fear of being judged. However, when clinical experiences and challenges (including secrets) are discussed with an empathic listener within the safe realm of clinical supervision, nurses are able to use self-reflection and introspection to mature and develop within their professional caregiving roles (Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge, 2003)."


Lastly, all the nurses should be taught the concept of working and treatment boundaries. It is alarming that the academia has overlooked this profound subject and the scholarly researchers have taken this issue so lightly. Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge (2003) write, "Issues surrounding the creation and maintenance of boundaries and the prevention of exploitation must be an integral component of all nursing curricula. Education surrounding treatment boundaries also promotes good clinical professional practice. (Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge, 2003)."


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It is clear from this study that the issue of establishing unambiguous working and treatment boundaries for certified psychiatric nurse assistants is imperative not only for the integrity of the nursing profession, but also for the healthcare industry as nurses form the backbone of the system. If nurses are not aware of the working and treatment boundaries, they may engage in conflicts with their colleagues, patients and even their supervisors. The conflict highlighted in this paper is an extremely critical concern of the nurses and should be resolved using the best possible strategies. This paper has provided the most widely used strategies to resolve conflicts in the nursing profession and these strategies merit examination by the concerned authorities in the best interest of the nursing profession.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Conflict Resolution the Profession of Assignment

Cindy A. Peternelj-Taylor, Olive Yonge. Exploring Boundaries in the Nurse-Client Relationship: Professional Roles and Responsibilities. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, Vol. 39, 2003

Martin Teising. The Nurse, the Patient, and the Illness: An Object Relations Approach to Nursing. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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