Term Paper: Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Workplace

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Management - Conflict Resolution


Professional business objectives requires intellectual, philosophical, procedural, and administrative approaches to achieving goals. Therefore, many business decisions and operations benefit from input by team members whose efforts and expertise are dedicated to specific areas.

Conflict is an inevitable component of negotiation among groups of individuals dedicated to accomplishing a common goal or achieving a shared objective. In many respects, conflict is beneficial because it allows the group to consider wider perspectives than normally available to each member of the group individually. In the business environment, effective conflict resolution strategies are necessary to minimize any disruptive or destructive effects caused by conflict within the team.

When managed and resolved appropriately, conflict often generates team productivity rather than undermining group objectives. Doing so requires the ability to identify the sources of existing conflicts as well as the foresight to recognize some of the potential triggers for future conflicts. At the management level, this includes understanding substantive operational causes of conflict and also personnel-specific causes of conflict.

In many respects, conflict is one of the most ubiquitous elements of professional business management, because it arises at every level of organizations, and within virtually every professional business environment from the smallest and least sophisticated to the largest corporate conglomerate. For this reason, effective conflict resolution strategy is universally important in professional business operations. Thesis Statement:

Conflict is inevitable within the professional business environment. Where it is ignored or managed ineffectively, conflict has the potential to undermine fundamental business functions. Effective conflict resolution strategies are essential to minimize any negative effect of conflict on business operations. Where conflict resolution strategies are effective, team performance benefits from a wider range of expertise and perspective. Introduction - the Benefits and Challenges of Working in Teams:

Some of the benefits of working in teams are very obvious: multiple team members bring a much greater range of personal talents and intellectual strengths; team members usually contribute different intellectual approaches and, therefore, a wider perspective on achieving shared goals; and the team approach allows individual members to concentrate their efforts on specific tasks to a much greater degree than possible without a team (Kinicki & Williams 2005).

The corresponding challenges of working in teams include negotiating differences in perspective and point-of-view within the team as well as the need to understand the individual team members in a manner conducive to achieving group productivity. Very often, the most difficult challenge posed by working in teams is the need to address conflict within the group to minimize its potential for affecting productivity adversely.

Managing conflict successfully enables the group to benefit to the fullest extent possible from the contribution of all the members of the team while eliminating the corresponding potential for individual differences to generate disruptive influences on the team that may impact negatively on team performance and goal achievement (Bass 1985).

Enhancing Team Performance Through Conflict Resolution Strategies:

Conflict resolution enhances team performance in two major ways: (1) by eliminating potential obstacles to high performance in the form of conflicts that disrupt productivity,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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