Conflict Between Romance and Reality Thesis

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¶ … conflict between romance and reality in the short story. In the romantic view of Gabriel Conroy, he is the center of his wife's universe, the life of the party, and everyone believes every word he utters. The reality is that Gabriel is living an illusion of his own making, and he cannot quite accept that until the end of this short story.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Thesis on Conflict Between Romance and Reality in the Assignment

Gabriel suffers from the romantic notion that everything is perfect in his world, and everyone adores him. At the beginning of the story, it seems this is true, while his aunts and his wife tease him and he basks in their love. However, he begins to have unexpected confrontations with people which perplex him and show him that everything is not as perfectly romantic and genteel as it seems. Joyce writes, "Gabriel tried to banish from his mind all memory of the unpleasant incident with Miss Ivors. Of course the girl, or woman, or whatever she was, was an enthusiast, but there was a time for all things" (Joyce). He believes that everyone thinks and feels the way he thinks and feels, and that others should follow him. When he discovers this is not the case, his romantic notions about people, including… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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