Conflicting Reward Systems and Their Research Paper

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It is also the responsibility of judge to issue warrant of arrest. But there are some of the conflicting goals that deflect the administration of criminal justice from its goals. Funds from the federal government play an important role in criminal justice system. If criminal administration do not get proper funding from federal government then the objective and purpose of criminal administration change from needs associated with the welfare of community to accommodate projects for which funds are generated.

The second step is plea bargaining in which a magistrate allocate the defendant a counsel and bail during the first hearing. It is also compulsory under the law to involve the defendant's lawyer and before any formal charge grand jury has to evaluate the cause properly. In this stage defendants investigate the formal charge in advance and plea negotiation takes place with the prosecutor and pretrial hearings is conducted. If court is giving more reward to prosecutors then it will be against the interest of the general public. Sending criminals to jail is not the only option, therefore to increase the welfare of criminals prosecutors can send them to alternative institution instead of jail like they can send drug addict to drug institution for treatment instead of sending to jail. But on the other hand people want judge to be hard and most of the judges are also reelected just because of their hard positions on perceived criminals.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Conflicting Reward Systems and Their Assignment

The third step is sentencing in which judge decides the most appropriate mode of punishment. There are different types of sentencing like concurrent sentencing, cumulative sentencing, fixed sentencing etc. (CliffsNotes, 2011). The punishment decided by the judge can be fines, penalty, probation, death penalty etc. Most of the rewards in sentences hinder criminal justice administration because they ignores post release programs. Therefore there is a need of providing the funds to promote probation programs.

There is a need of effective criminal justice system as well as current reward system must be reconstructed so that the ends of justice are not stalled by the conflicting reward system.


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