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One of the most interesting discoveries in academic study is Chinese philosophy, and specifically the teachings and ideas of Confucius. He was a thinker, political figure, and educator, and recognized as the founder of what is known today as "Confucianism." Many still follow the ideals of Confucianism, with some adherents going as far as considering it a type of religion. Confucius organized a specific set of ethical ideals around several sets of human relationships. His morality was based upon these relationship sets. This provides a starting point for further discovery and thought on Confucius and his ideals. So important is this philosopher to Chinese history, that his influence has been compared to that of Socrates in the Western world (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

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Confucius lived during 551-479 BCE. Being shrouded in ancient history, much of the philosopher's life is also subject to speculation, legend, and a basic lack of empiricism. Two examples of this include questions surrounding Confucius' royal status, and the exaggeration of his lifestyle as the truly ideal person. According to some scholars, for example, Book X of the Analects was originally a general guideline for ideal living, within which Confucius' name was superimposed by subsequent disciples (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). This is interesting in terms of the effects of time upon what is regarded as "truth." All religious directions have elements of uncertainty, myth, and legend. This aspect of Confucianism places it into adequate context in comparison with other currents of thought, whether Western or Eastern.

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Another interesting discovery is what the Stanford Encyclopedia refers to as Confucius' "claim" of his status as "transmitter" rather than "maker." In other words, Confucius, according to this report, regarded himself as a vehicle for existing thought rather than a creator of new philosophical directions. According to the author, Confucius relied on existing ancient philosophies to organize his own though ideals. While the Encyclopedia appears to present an image of Confucius as a promoter of himself as a "special" vehicle for the message of the ancients, Jeffrey Hays explicates this in more rational terms. According to Hays, Confucius gave structure to already existing ideas and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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