Connect the African Cultural Roots Term Paper

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4. Briefly describe places of cultural significance (Specific museums/events/locations) to study contributors and movements involved in Black intellectual and political recognition/emancipation.

The Washington Monument may seem like the most obvious locale, as it is the physical location of Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream," speech. Yet far more profound might be the ordinary experiences chronicled in The National Afro-American Museum in Wilberforce, OH. There, there is a "Permanent Exhibit: From Victory To Freedom: Afro-American Life in the Fifties," that chronicles the bravery of ordinary African-Americans during the civil rights movement and the struggle to move what was still seen as the promised land of the industrialized North. In August 200 at that same museum, devoted to the African-American experience, there was a "Temporary Exhibit: The Legacy of American Slavery," that attempted to connect this second journey to the first, of African-Americans fleeing the South.

Question 5 Link between intellectual inquiry and community service and development in African-American Culture. What kinds of community service opportunities are available to connect African-American Culture to a non-African-American seeking to understand Afro centricity? RE: African/American Indian (Seminole Tribe) Cultural development with some traditional African Cultural blending.

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Community service may be used to create bonds within community members, but also build bridges and create understanding between different communities. American Indians of the Seminole tribes, long ago in the national past, engaged in economic trade and activities, such as intermarriage, that created ties between these oppressed groups. Afro centric identification is another connection between Indian and African-Americans, however, because both groups have attempted to recreate fallen nations upon the land, in different fashions, after the linguistic ties and cultural bonds were dissolved through the now-dominant European culture's oppression.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Connect the African Cultural Roots Assignment

Question 6. Seek practical solutions to major challenges and controversial issues facing African-American Studies.

Recently, because of perceived marginalization by the President of the higher institution of learning Harvard University, noted African-American scholar Cornel West returned to Princeton. However, personal slights are often the least of what African-American professors and students must face, when trying to deal with the studies of the community within the university. What is African, what is American, and how to render this study academic as well as personal, are all controversial challenges. African-American studies will always be a fluid discipline, because of the need to constantly redefine what is Black, African, much less American -- yet this constant sense of redefining is also what makes the discipline uniquely American, as African-Americans have had to rebuilt their culture from their African roots, merging often incongruent African cultures, adopting of other cultural elements into their own from Europe, Native Americans, and others, and thus making their own culture perhaps the most uniquely American of all.

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