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According to the article "The physiology of mind-body interactions: The stress response and the relaxation response" by Jacobs (2001) there are key differences between alternative and mind-body medicine, although the two are often elided together in the public's imagination. Mind-body medicine stresses the link between mental, affective states and physical health. Alternative treatments, like acupuncture, in contrast, treat the body, although in a different way than conventional Western medicine prescribes. Mind-body medicine is empirically validated in studies such as those which demonstrate a placebo effect for drugs: the mental state of the sufferer can affect the mind and vice versa. Mind-body medicine can also be used as a complimentary technique with conventional Western medicine with no adverse effects.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Conscious Relaxation Assignment

This mind-body connection can be seen in the body's physical response to stress, as denoted in the textbook in Chapter 4: The six access skills of relaxation. When someone is stressed, he or she curls up, hunches over, and cannot respond effectively to the outside world. This is an understandable flight-or-fight response -- we are literally preparing our bodies to flee, if necessary (33-32). One effective technique to deal with this phenomenon, however, is 'letting go' consciously, or tensing up and then relaxing all of the muscles of the body. This is different from stretching like yoga, another alternative therapy. Yoga is more of a form of 'exercise' which must be performed standing. Yoga is also more diffuse in terms of its focus on posture, versus conscious relaxation which focuses on body parts in a singular fashion. In yoga, the relief from tension is relatively slow in its pace of release while if performed deliberately, tensing and letting go of the body… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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