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The most important statement included in the NCCAOM related to the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine is the statement referring to the obligation of "keeping the patient informed by explaining treatments and outcomes." This statement is basically valid in any treatment, but, given the fact that traditional Chinese medicine is less of a custom in Western treatment, it is thus even more in this particular case.

The patient needs to have explanations, first of all, on the meanings of Chinese medicine, on the principles it is based upon. These will help him understand why acupuncture can be helpful in delivering certain illnesses and how a general equilibrium can be reached in the body. Further more, the patient needs to be fully informed on the expected outcome and be convinced that this is a long-term process rather than a quick recovery.

On the other hand, issue #5 from the basic principles of the AMA makes reference to similar ideas. The physician not only has the duty to inform, but to remain continuously informed by a continuous research in any medical segments, including the Traditional Chinese medicine.

Finally, the AOM Code of ethics makes again clear reference to the necessity of constantly informing the patient about the techniques used and the potential outcome.

2. The two main problems that generally may appear are related to (1) obtaining consent and (2) communicating consent and information. In the first case, the patients may be physically unable to give consent, because of the physical condition they are in. In this case, it is generally up to the closest relatives to do so, but what happens if we are not 100% sure that they are most likely to have the patient's best interest at heart? In other… [END OF PREVIEW]

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